Thursday, 26 October 2006

King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 is the 2nd series of 3D-KOF. It's fast-paced, has interesting and east-executable combos and of course some "hot babes" which id the main reason for me to play this game..ahem..on to the rating....

Storyline: Though the story is yet fully revealed, nonetheless it sounds interesting as it involves "aliens" and "supernatural beings"...The best part is most of the "main characters" have their own story to tell, which added the replaybility of the game. 8.8/10

Graphics: This characters and combos were nicely done in this game. Though it's fast-paced..i mean real fast, the game still runs smoothly which is quite impressive...Good animations and physics...8.2/10

Gameplay: Same-old KOF style..command for the moves are the same...As for the boss, fankly speaking, it's the worst ever KOF-boss in the history. (I can defeat the boss with a perfect anytime..using sliding kick or tonnes of combos.) 7.0/10

Music/Audio: The musics and BGMs are quite good. I enjoyed almost everyone of them...8.5/10

Overall: It's a nice and interesting game to play....unless you prefer slow-paced fighting games... 9.2/10

Samurai Warriors 2...

The second installment to the Samurai Warriors series. Frankly speaking, not much changes were made to this game, maybe just a slight changes on the character designs. The combos were ok but not impressive and the soldiers or minions are as dull as ever. (Imagine cutting through hordes of tree trunks..) Not much efforts were put on the animation section.

Storyline: still the same old sengoku storyline. (If you played the 1st series, you'll know the story already. This is repeated for the old characters...though new battlefields were introduced in this games.) 7.5/10

Graphics: The creators slightly upgraded the graphics for the game. Not as dim as the 1st installment...Combos are much prettier which the elemental effects..8.0/10

Gameplay: Still the same hack-and-slash game..(Guess what, it's the idea of this game.) Though I hope that it'll have a bit more strategy gameplaying like Dynasty Warriors 5: empires were you are able to command your troops instead of letting them doing nothing on the battlefield...7.0/10

Sound/Audio: Nice music and BGMs for the scenarios..but the sound effect is poorly done. (All soldiers sounded the same when slashed...Clones? At least put more than 3 types of "screaming"...) 7.5/10

Verdict: Can be addictive but can also be boring especially when you need to play the missions all over again to unlock certain things or weapons...IMO, this game really need to be more realistic in terms of the physics/animation...(try make the minions move around the battlefield more often...don't let them stand there like idiots..and if possible..add a bit seems weird when there's no blood when slashed by a sword.. perhaps they are mindless cyborgs?..hmmm...)