Friday, 26 June 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson...

Adapted from BBC news:

Pop star Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles, aged 50.

Paramedics were called to the singer's Beverly Hills home at about midday on Thursday after he stopped breathing.

He was pronounced dead two hours later at the UCLA medical centre. Jackson's brother, Jermaine, said he was believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest.

Jackson, who had a history of health problems, had been due to stage a series of comeback concerts in the UK, beginning on 13 July.

Speaking on behalf of the Jackson family, Jermaine said doctors had tried to resuscitate the star for more than an hour without success.

His sudden death was a really shocking news to a lot of people in the world. When my mum told me that Michael Jackson has passed away this morning, I was so surprise that I woke up instantly from my usual morning drowsiness. I was thinking, "Is my mum playing a joke on me?"

I hurriedly turned on my computer and checked it for my self, and it's true, the legendary pop singer has passed away...

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Thank you for all the wonderful songs and performance that you have provided us during your lifetime. Your legacy will continue and you will be remembered in the hearts of your fans....

God bless your soul....

Thursday, 25 June 2009

"Drag Me To Hell" movie review.....

An interesting horror movie to say. The story is both horrifying and hilarious at the same time. The effects were awesomely done and the actors were great in making the movie lively and realistic.

The biggest credit, without any doubt, would be given to this old lady here, The Mighty Old Lady of All Time..Without her outstanding acting, the movie won't be as interesting as it would be...

She can kick serious ass , before and after her death

A must watch movie for the horror-loving movie addicts!!!

ps: The old lady reminds me of the one that "cursed" me in advice to all, never angers an old lady, or you'll get it!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Are we near to the origin of the universe???

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting article on the "Most Important Image Ever taken by humankind", a deep space photo taken by the Hubble telescope known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. I have to thank my sudden curiosity about the space, milky ways and the universe for the discovery of this wonderful information...

What is the Hubble Ultra Deep Field??

Adapted from Wikipedia:

The HUDF is the deepest image of the universe ever taken in visible light and it will be used to search for galaxies that existed between 400 and 800 million years after the Big Bang (Redshifts between 7 and 12).[2] The star near the center of the field is USNO-A2.0 0600-01400432 with apparent magnitude of 18.95.[citation needed]

The field imaged by the ACS contains over 10,000 objects, the majority of which are galaxies, many at redshifts greater than 3, and some that probably have redshifts between 6 and 7.[1] The NICMOS measurements may have discovered galaxies at redshifts up to 12.[2]

Click Here for a detailed image of the Ultra Deep Field

In other words, the scientists are close in finding what actually happen before and during the "Big Bang", a theory that states the formation of our universe...(That's what they claimed...not me...)

There are infinite possibilities of what might occur before the Big Bang, such as the M-Theory (Membrane Colision that creates the Big Bang theorem..I am no cosmology here...Google for more information of these terms..Nothing....Big Ball...Pangu (Chinese Myths), Aliens....etc

Maybe some day we'll see God on the other end creating the universe...who knows?

Damn you Atheists and your Hubble Telescope!!! No spying!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Purple Dessert....

Mum bought some "god knows what" back and prepared a purplish dessert. It has the texture and taste of a combination of sweet potato and yam..

And hence it is known as "sweet potato yam", a name given by my aunt....

After a search on Google, the dessert is made of this...

Peruvian Purple potatoes...

Monday, 15 June 2009

Time flies.....

When I was trying to beat the AI (tycoon) in the stupid monopoly game....

The AI in that game is a total bastard.....Whenever the AI landed on chance and community chest, the AI gets paid...and when I landed on these spots, I get fined. What the heck? And I have been to jail more than I roll the dice...after hours of playing using only my strong will and determination, (strategies and luck don't work in this game because the AI has an unfair advantage....)

Finally, I owned the AI!!!! (Click the image below for larger view of my victory)

Crap, better stop wasting my time on this stupid game and start planning my future......

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Dinner at Jogoya...

Jogoya is one of my few favourite dining places in KL..reason? The restaurant serves up to 200 types of dishes and desserts (that's what they claimed), nice ambient for dining and most importantly, an endless supply of awesome food, yes endless. It is a buffet restaurant which you can eat all the sushi's, spring rolls, abalones, satays, Häagen-Dazs ice creams..etc to your hearts content ...

Sushi platter

My first stop whenever I go the restaurant is the sushi bar. They have most of the sushis and sashimis found in a typical Japanese restaurant, salmon, tuna, kaviar, maki rolls, you name it....except the big, fat juicy toros (tuna belly, which they won't serve it due to the price of toro...) Too bad for me and lucky for them... otherwise I would have finished all their supplies...(I ended up whacking their raw abalone cubes instead ...can't remember the amount I have taken, maybe half of what they have that night?)

Sukiyaki with scallops, beef, chicken and other stuff

Next, we had sukiyaki (steam boat dish ) with beef, chicken, scallops and some vegetables...and....the meat platter

Meat platter

I love this combination...Lamb chops, satays and loads and loads of abalones, both raw and fried...(since you have no tuna belly... I shall eat all your abalones!!!). I was anticipating the juicy steam cod fish (which i had before) but it wasn't available that night..(maybe they took it off the menu knowing I would be there that night...son of a b***h..therefore I shall continue to whack the abalones....)

As for drinks, we had tea (imagine a scene where 3 teenagers having chinese tea like the elders..), tonnes of coconuts and AK-47 (me only...due to it's violent nature..and I love violence...nice pairing right?)

Fresh coconut and AK-47

I can't get enough of the ever refreshing coconuts...damn. It's nice and soothing after a fiery wasabi in the mouth. AK-47 is an alcoholic drink which I kinda love it and hate it..The taste is somewhat odd...All I can say about the drink is .....Bullet in the mouth!!!


And lastly, the mouth watering desserts. Puddings and cakes...We didn't manage to get some shots of the Haagen-Daaz ice creams as we finished them the moment we got them (It's Haagen-daaz..not Walls)..and we were busy tasting the puddings and cakes too....while enjoying the coconuts and engaging in some I-can't-remember-what-we-talked-about ocnversation..(must be the after effect of AK-47...)...

The work by Yvonne...

Lastly, thanks to Yvonne for the wonderful photos....I had my hands and mouth full...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

ADV: Cheap Rented Lorry (Lori Sewa)

Need to move stuff that you can't bring using normal cars? Here's a trusted lorry service with the lowest price ever!


Anda perlukan lori untuk:-
Pindah Rumah,Pindah Pejabat, dan Buang Barang-Barang Terpakai

Kami Berada Di:-
Nilai,Kajang,Cheras,semenyih,bangi,puchong,Kl,putrajaya,dan sekitar lembah klang.

-Out Station Di Semenanjung Malaysia
-Harga untuk semenyih,kajang,dan cheras sekitar RM80-100 [Lori 2Tan]
-Harga untuk kawasan lembah klang sekitar RM80-160 [Lori 2Tan]

Sila hubungi:-
Zahari 0163949001

Author's comment:

I've used the service once, and it was great. The driver is friendly and helpful, plus the price he that charged was really cheap compared to other rented lorries (lori sewa). I moved my stuff from Semenyih to Subang Jaya for only RM200 (including manpower to move my stuff up and down).

Price from Semenyih to Kajang (excluding personnel charge): RM 80
Semenyih to Subang Jaya (excluding personnel charge): RM 120/ around RM 200 or more (if you need them to move your stuff aka manpower charge)
Semenyih to Shah Alam: Around RM130 ++

And other places...They do provide services to the entire Malaysia excluding Sabah and Sarawak..(if only we have a bridge to Sarawak)

Note: Price stated above might change without notice. Please call the number above to negotiate the price. I do not own the business or have anything to do with the advertisement above, so please don't send any emails regarding the service to me....

Monday, 1 June 2009

Lunch @ Sushi King...

Sushi King, a Japanese Restaurant caters for the taste of the local Malaysians. They are different types of sushis available, ranging from the traditional raw salmon sushis to Ayam Brand's tuna sushi and roasted chicken sushis (for those who can't take raw salmons or any other raw stuff).

egg mayo sushi & salmon sushi

maki & sweet tofu skin sushi

sushis & japanese curry pancake

Manpuku desu.......