Wednesday, 31 March 2010

"Don't talk shit!!!"

I really respect and salute the educated Malays like the political scientist shown in the video here compared to the "Dont-talk-shit"-But-"Full-of-shit" guy before him. Sadly, it's the latter kind of people who runs this country....

Friday, 26 March 2010

I got smoked......

This is what you'll get on Malaysian road....

p.s.: The lorry is not on fire, don't worry....and where are the environmentalists when I need them???

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Google's ultimate goal - World Domination....

An update from my previous post: Google will soon take over the internet..

It appears that Google is not satisfy with only the internet world, now the clutches of Google has extended to our home t.v!!!

"Your next TV could be a Google TV, made by Sony and powered by Intel chips. The three companies have teamed up to build what will be called the Google TV, essentially a big-screen living-room computer.

The TV project, according to the New York Times, is still under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped the details from leaking. The GTV will be based on the Android OS, and come in the form of both a set-top box and actual TV-sets. There will be regular television, of course, but also Hulu, YouTube and other web-video sources, as well as games and apps for social networking.

It makes so much sense we wonder why we didn’t see it coming. TV is one of the few advertising markets Google isn’t yet in, the company has an OS ready to go, and Google’s simple UI designs are perfect for couch-surfing. The Google TV will even have the Chrome browser built-in.

The reason for a partnership with Intel is pretty obvious — we expect the TV will use some form of Atom chip. But why would Sony get involved? According to the NYT, Sony sees it as a competitive advantage in a very difficult market. It’s right. Who wouldn’t buy a TV with Google inside?

The Google TV appears to be close. Developer tools are expected in the next two months, and Logitech has reportedly been approached to make peripherals such as speakers and a QWERTY-equipped remote. This could be huge, and a further blow to the PC industry. If you have the internet in your television, and a tablet appliance like the iPad to carry around, who needs a desktop or even a laptop computer?"

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I won't be surprised when they announce Google fast food, Google rice, Google clothing lines or Google air (not the macbook air, it's the air we breathe in..). In the next 20 years, we will be known as Googleans and speak the native Googlish language....

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Never provoke Malaysian women...

More Women getting nastier behind the wheel

GEORGE TOWN: Women drivers are getting more aggressive than their male counterparts, according to an analyst.

Based on the number of traffic summonses issued and court cases against women, a trend of aggressive driving has emerged among the fairer sex, said Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim.

“Based on what we can see, the attitude of male drivers has improved but women are getting more aggressive.

“Hence, the number of women involved in accidents is on the rise,” he said.

He, however, did not state statistics.

Noting that the attitude of drivers was the main cause of road accidents, Kamal said it was crucial for road users to practise defensive driving.

“Drivers who are aggressive, emotional and distracted while driving are dangerous.

“Most people will, at one time or another, feel like strangling their fellow drivers but it becomes a criminal act when you follow up on that intention with an aggressive act (such as chasing after a vehicle),” he said at the Rakan Trafik@USM road safety campaign at Universiti Sains Malaysia here yesterday.

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) director-general Prof Dr Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah said Malaysians generally felt that they were “Superman” and would never end up as an accident casualty.

“It’s their attitudes that cause accidents. The think they are invincible, not even wanting to wear safety belts.

“Perhaps it’s ego. They just want to be faster and better than the next driver,” said Dr Ahmad.

He said it was easier for people to change their attitudes than for enforcement bodies to step in.

He added that Miros was working with several insurance companies to reward “good drivers” but the plan would have to get the approval of Bank Negara.

Credit: The Star online

Author's remark: Don't ever mention gender bias in Malaysia, females are the bosses in this part of the world.... It won't be long before they are allowed to have 4 husbands..legally

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

How to be safe on Malaysian Roads...

I just had a flat tyre yesterday, and to be honest, it wasn't a a nice experience. Thanks a lot to the potholes on the road. The only way to be safe on Malaysian roads and highways would driving one of these :

Safest "car" in Malaysia

For sure the bastard lorries & bus & car drivers will keep a distance from you and you'll never need to worry about the road condition!!! Best thing is you can blow the bastard drivers to smithereens if they annoy you with their "wonderful" driving skills...

p.s. Many thanks to FJ for helping me out with the flat tyre and don't you ever show the video of me fixing the tyre anywhere online....