Thursday, 26 April 2007

Mus, the navigator…..not!!!!

"Where to go for lunch?" The usual question that I forward to Ammar and Mustafa (Mad man) when it comes to lunch time.

"Putrajaya!!!" Ammar and Mustafa answered. "Is this some kind of joke or what? We are going to have our finals and you guys want to go to Putrajaya???" I can’t believe the reply given….I thought it was some kind of joke..but then we passed our usual lunch place and went straight to Putrajaya…

Ammar: Do you know the way to Alamanda?

Mus: Yea, i know, it’s near Muhsin’s house, turn here and there…..

In the end, we "toured" around Putrajaya for half an hour…(They sure have a lot of interesting structures there….) Ammar almost gone mad….(We even went around the round-about twice…) Thanks to my instinct, we were able to reach Alamanda and had our lunch there…

After that, we walked around Alamanda…went to the Toy City (those things really bring back the memories…) Before we start our journey home, we wanted to get some cookies from Famous Amos which is at the ground floor…I suggested that we take the escalator…Mustap came up with a "better" idea..take the emergency esape stairs..(the stairs can lead us straight to Famous Amos)…

That’s just brilliant..instead of reaching our destination, we were stucked in the staircase…The Alamanda emergency staircase is a cursed place, once you’ve got in there, there is no way to get back. It’s a "One-Way" journey…(there is no door knob at the other side of thedoor and it’s locked once you get in)…luckily the door at the end (going outside the building) was unlocked…Mus went out from there, then went back in to the door (opposite Famous Amos) and "rescued" ammar and I…

Muhsin felt sorry for us and decided to guide out of Putrajaya (a gigantic maze)….

Didn’t study much that much time is wasted at finding our way out……

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Entering the 20’s…

First of all, i would like to thank my friends for throwing a dinner party at the Overseas Restaurant…(RM 333 for 1 dinner, really appreciate that, even though Broga Fish is more Godlike…lol)

(pic: The "Semi-godlike" fish..wonder what’s Shara doing?)

(pic: "Semi godlike" fish…)

Other dishes (Click for enlargement): 1.Godlike pork, 2.Bean Curd, 3.Butter Prawn, 4.Some vege with soup..and GODDAMMIT, forgot to take photo of the Sharkfin soup!!!!!

Aims for the new decade:

1: Develop my mind-power to a stronger level (Completely destroyed and demoralized Nick, Caused my friends to lose in winning eleven (Ammar lost to AI, Nick, Shara, Juanda lost to the opponents I favoured for…)

2: Be more hard-working…(Relaxed to much already, doing all work in the last minute….)

3: Strengthen my dicatorial powers and destroy democracy…(I’ve learnt that democracy system is slowly growing among my friends..)

4: Getting 6 packs..(been eating nice food for the past few months..shit..trousers getting tighter)

Out of all 4 aims, I know that 2 and 4 are not going to happen…(Out of nowhere, Ammar shouting "BAIKkkkkk")

Hopes for the next coming years, less work more play..cant take it anymore after this semester……

Friday, 13 April 2007

Annual Dinner 2007….

The 2007 Annual Dinner was a total disaster. Rumours has it that the food and events will be much more better than the previous year. It was the total opposite. The dinner started with some dumb-ass waiters serving "stone-like" bread as snacks for the guests. (when i mean dumb-ass, the waiters will always be standing in front of us, watching the stage performances WITH US. These brainless minions completely blocked our view to the stage. I’ve paid to see the performances, not the waiters!! GODDAMMIT!!) The first performance was a dance by a 10-year old girl…(child abuse Children's Aid)

Next, it was dinner time. We wee served with some "high-class french style salad", comprises grass, yep grass, poisonous mushrooms, "godlike bitter" asparagus and abalone (abalone was the only thing i took in the dish)… The hosts for the annual dinner were some DJs from Fly FM….one word…"boring as hell"..oops i mean three words, must have been the abalones…

(pic: the grass n wild vege salad….)

Then it was time for the mr. n mrs. nottingham events…all the contestants perform some dances…and yes, second meal was served, "Diluted supposedly Minestrone soup" which is just some tomato juice…(one of my most hated vegetables…)..I took only 2 sip, that’s it…the thing isgonna kill my tongue…

Sorry for not mentioning most of the stage performances, as some guy booked a "far far at the corner" table for it was so hard to see what’s going on on the stage….gomenasai..

The only thing or event that manage to captivate my eyes was the "belly dance"..(The band performance was rather "noisy"..u get it? "malaysian" rock songs are nothing but shouting and yelling..the 10-year-old girl’s (second performace) indian songs with chinese lyrics didn’t turn out well, in fact, it was horrible )I was quite entertained by it until they served the main course of the day, which i heard from the same guy who booked the table….."It will be very nice"..yes…it is nice..(Starts stabbing my heart for saying something against my will). The main course was the "chicken breast with (some name which i forgot) cooked in honey mustard sauce, sounds impressive? yes…it’s tasteless. It is either bad or the dishes before this completely destroyed my taste buds…(better host the dinner at saisaki…50 bucks for all you can eat)

By the time they serve dessert, i was quite demoralised by the food and the events..(except for the belly dance)..Luckily the "hazel nut ice-cream" was quite decent..which in fact saved my peers from my beserk mode..

Shara, the wanderer compiler was waiting to hit the dance floor so that he can "molest" people "Unintentionally"…too bad it never happened....

Overall, it’s a 4.5/10 rating for the event….

Friday, 6 April 2007

“Good Friday”

The term "holiday" is rare in my university. Today is the "Good Friday" ..most of the Christians will be going to the church for prayer…My friend, Bob and I decided to spend our time (after weeks of torment…guess what, i’ve been saying this quite often in my blog…lecturers, have mercy on us) First stop was MidValley, had a nice lunch there…well at the Food Court

(pic1: "GodLike Yong Tau Fu")

(pic 2: horrible and fake "Penang Laksa"..seriously horrible)

(pic 3: Bob’s GodLike "sizzling chicken with rice")

We walked around MidValley for some time, took some photos on the F! car displayed there…

(Pic: Bob, the Thunder God)

After a leisurely stroll plus a big business that Bob made on that day, yea "big chocolate cake" business…we decided to go to Low Yat to check out on some new hardware….(no more pirated DVDs there, it’s totally clean now….)Guess what? We saw another F1 car there…lol..I took another photo of it…(The car is so small which i think it’ll barely fit me in)

(F1 fever is here..)

The car is unexpectedly small, I wonder whether the cars are the ones they uses in the racing game? I missed a chance to take a shot with the hot chicks…darn..I saw a stall selling Ferrari Fragrance..hmm..i wonder if i use the prefume, will i become like a Ferrari? Attracting all the chicks?)

(pic above: Some japanese dish called Katsu Don which consists of vegetables, deep fried fish with mayo and rice..sry for the pic, i digged in before taking the photo)

After our tour around the hardware stalls, we went to a japanese restaurant for a tea break…the food is nice and inexpensive..haha) Had some Turkish Ice-cream for dessert…

At around 5 pm, it was time to bid adieu to the place…I really had a great time and food there, hopefully there will be more chances like that, sigh…