Friday, 6 April 2007

“Good Friday”

The term "holiday" is rare in my university. Today is the "Good Friday" ..most of the Christians will be going to the church for prayer…My friend, Bob and I decided to spend our time (after weeks of torment…guess what, i’ve been saying this quite often in my blog…lecturers, have mercy on us) First stop was MidValley, had a nice lunch there…well at the Food Court

(pic1: "GodLike Yong Tau Fu")

(pic 2: horrible and fake "Penang Laksa"..seriously horrible)

(pic 3: Bob’s GodLike "sizzling chicken with rice")

We walked around MidValley for some time, took some photos on the F! car displayed there…

(Pic: Bob, the Thunder God)

After a leisurely stroll plus a big business that Bob made on that day, yea "big chocolate cake" business…we decided to go to Low Yat to check out on some new hardware….(no more pirated DVDs there, it’s totally clean now….)Guess what? We saw another F1 car there…lol..I took another photo of it…(The car is so small which i think it’ll barely fit me in)

(F1 fever is here..)

The car is unexpectedly small, I wonder whether the cars are the ones they uses in the racing game? I missed a chance to take a shot with the hot chicks…darn..I saw a stall selling Ferrari Fragrance..hmm..i wonder if i use the prefume, will i become like a Ferrari? Attracting all the chicks?)

(pic above: Some japanese dish called Katsu Don which consists of vegetables, deep fried fish with mayo and rice..sry for the pic, i digged in before taking the photo)

After our tour around the hardware stalls, we went to a japanese restaurant for a tea break…the food is nice and inexpensive..haha) Had some Turkish Ice-cream for dessert…

At around 5 pm, it was time to bid adieu to the place…I really had a great time and food there, hopefully there will be more chances like that, sigh…

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