Friday, 23 March 2007

Trust the “COIN” we must……

It has been weeks of torment by the Haskell programming coursework..(imagine spending 5 - 8 hours a day in front of the computer figuring out only 5 questions and more than 5 days to get the job done…yes…sometimes without any sleep)..It almost made me went into "beserk mode"…luckily I found a way to release my fury and rage…and thus avoiding the destruction of this world…As for the other world (God of War 2 universe..), they are less fortunate as I spent hours pounding, slashing, decimating and dismembering the people, mythical creatures..or better still, every single "living things" in the game….

Today, I was relieved from my torment..and I decided to treat myself some really nice food…The image of hundred types of Japanese Food kept flowing on my mind…I suggested to my friends that we go to our usual Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Saisaki…Known for my ruthless and autocratic rulings, I knew my friends are going to accept my suggestion, or rather command whether they like it or not… I tossed the "COIN", which is feared by all the, to check whether I made a correct choice or not… "Head"…"Head"…"Head"…"Head"… It seems my choice was a correct one..(Head for saisaki)..

However, by the time I got in the car, my friends suddenly changed their minds…They wanted catch a movie (which turned out to be a disastrous one) after lunch. We ended up at Chilli's in MidValley….. From that instance, I felt that my position as a dictator with absolute power was greatly threatened by the sudden emergence of the democracy system….I had no choice but to follow them as I was trapped in the car…

During lunch time at "Chilli’s", I ordered the Tequila salmon baked with cheese and rice, which is very nice.( I always order the right thing, my judgment is "godlike"..*feel proud of myself*)

(pic 1: Tequila salmon with rice…high quality stuff)

(pic 2: Juanda’s vege burger….Shara’s chicken sandwich looks like the burger, so I skipped his picture)

(pic 3: The "Godlike" Cheese Dip for the chips….)

After the lunch, we watched the "Mr Bean : Holiday" at the cinema there…The show was insanely ridiculous, stupid, what else…uninteresting and not-that-funny (if compared to the Mr. Bean tv series and Johnny English)…I wasted about 2 hours in my life….darn…

Then, we walked around the IT world in hope to get some decent PC games, but the place selling the DVDs was pathetic….I even own more games than his whole shop….

Before we head back, I managed to get my hands on the tasty Japanese Bread…(18 bucks for 1 loaf is worth it…)

Advice of the day:

Trust the coin or you’ll regret it!!!!

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