Saturday, 17 March 2007

Home-Cooked Meal…..

Tired of the overdosed MSG in "mamak food" and the forever same fast food like KFC…We have decided to prepare a home cook meal for the day…. Ammar and Mustap went out to get the ingredients in the morning while I was still sleeping (i am such a lazy bugger)…At about 1pm we started making the dishes…Mustap and Ammar were busy cutting the onions, heating up the oil and I was busy waiting for food..(they kept me out of the kitchen because the knew that I cant cook….)

(pic 1: Mustap peeling the potatoes with his superb knife skill..)

(pic 2: Ammar preparing the main-course in the kitchen..)

It took us about 1 hour to prepare our lunch….(Mus & Ammar: we want to's only both of "us")

(pic 3: our simple, heathly and filling lunch..comprises a potato salad, a bean-curd, and 5 spices chicken with needle mushroom )

(Dish 1: potato salad with onions and mayonnaise)

(Dish 2: Bean curd with egg and spring onions…)

(Dish 3: 5 spices chicken with needle mushroom….)

Personally I like the chicken and the potato salad. For the bean curd, I think it’s too watery..(which in fact should be cooked in thick gravy..)

For those who would like to get the recipe, please contact chef Ammar….

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