Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weird afternoon....

It all started when my friend George who just came back from UK and I were having lunch at Kim Gary in Sungai Wang plaza. We were chatting and cranking some jokes while having our lunch just like any other people there. George is a "funny" mad clown, and I am a crazy "Retard". We literally "exploded" the restaurant with our laughter. We were laughing so hard and our voice can shatter any glass object.

After our lunch, George told me that some girls at the table behind us were taking photos of us and a girl beside our table was laughing at our jokes (Eavesdropping??). I didn't manage to catch that scene (taking our photograph) as the girls were sitting behind me. To be honest, I was really surprised that someone is actually taking photographs of us!! (Not sure if its true, maybe the clown is making things up....or maybe we are just too hot!! Yes, we were really hot....sweating like ice melting under the hot sun)

p.s. A message to the girls behind me, if it is true that you are taking photos of us...can I have a copy of it? Thanks!!!!

Just for laughs...It's actually "Sons of Dorn"...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

JPJ dude from Mars...

PUTRAJAYA: Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan thought he had seen it all — but no, some motorists still continue to surprise him with their reckless behaviour on the road.

On his way from Kota Baru to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday during the ongoing Ops Sikap XXI, he managed to photograph 93 cars blatantly flouting traffic rules.

“The drivers either overtook along double lines or jumped queue using the emergency lane.

“Some even used the road shoulder. I cannot imagine the kind of catastrophe that could have happened if there were people on it (road shoulder),” he told a press conference yesterday.

He added that he also alerted his officers to stop two cars and slap the drivers with summonses because they were “driving way too dangerously”.

Solah said that between Feb 8 and Wednesday, 2,968 photographs were taken of motorists committing various offences, including failure to stop at traffic lights, overtaking along double lines, jumping queue and using the emergency lane, drivers using their handphones and failure to buckle up or motorcyclists who failed to put on a helmet.

“The photographs were taken by my undercover officers, by the public and me.

“We have proof that these people committed road offences; there is no way they can deny it. We will slap them with the maximum fine of RM300,” he said.

However, JPJ officers caught only three heavy vehicles travelling during the Feb 12 and Feb 13 ban period. Of the 5,000 buses checked, only 11 failed tyre and brake tests while two drivers tested positive for drug abuse.

“With the long holidays coming to an end, I am pleading to road users to be mindful and patient. I also urge the public to play their role in capturing photos of vehicles flouting the law, so that we can take action against the drivers.

“The JPJ needs the public’s help so that reckless drivers will not get away unpunished,” he said, adding that photos could be emailed to

Article directed from The Star Online

Author's remark: I think this guy came from Mars or something....definitely not Malaysia Bolehland....

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!

It's that time again!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Have a great and prosperous year ahead!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Some "Facts" about Malaysia...

1. Do you know that Malaysians are capable of breaking anything in the world?
Answer: Nothing in the world is unbreakable for a Malaysian...These are among the favorites... Laws, Promises, Houses....etc

2. Do you know why there is no Malaysian team in World Cup?
Answer: Because The Malaysian Cup is much bigger than the World Cup....(pic below)

3. Do you know what Malaysians hate?
Answer: Patience

4. Do you know what is the greatest fear among Malaysians?
Answer: ISA

5. Do you know that Malaysian politicians are also Hollywood grade producers and actors?
Answer: Check out the some of the best action movies like Dual Perak MB, The Chronicles of Anwar, MCA Wars etc and you'll be amazed!!!

6. Do you know what will never increase in Malaysia?
Answer: Salary

7. Do you know what Malaysians have for breakfast every morning?
Answer: Traffic Jam

8. Do you know that Malaysian companies provide the worst ever "over the counter" services in the world?
Answer: Most of the counters are empty even thought the workers are there....taking there own sweet time doing their own business...

9. Do you know that Malaysians are getting smarter and smarter every year?
Answer: More students are getting straight As in the public exams over the years...

10. Do you know that public transports in Malaysia are just illusions?
Answer: They never existed, that's why everyone owns a Proton even though it sucks....

11. Do you know that Malaysians are natural F1 racers?
Answer: Malaysians are born to drive. Michael Schumacher will shit his pants when he drives on Malaysian highways.....

12: Do you know that "Highwaymen" in Malaysia are paying tolls instead of collecting them?
Answer: That's is why no Malaysian is fond of being highwayman....

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Google will soon take over the Internet....

Taken from BBC news UK.
Google takes on Facebook and Twitter with network site

Google's Vic Gundotra shows off Buzz on a mobile phone

Google has taken the wraps off its latest social network known as Buzz.

The service - integrated directly with its e-mail service Gmail - allows users to post status updates, share content and read and comment on friends posts.

The site pitches Google directly against rival networks such as Facebook, which has amassed nearly 400 million users since its launch in 2004.

Buzz will try to capitalise on the number of regular Gmail users, which is currently around 170 million people.

BBC News technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones said that the launch appeared to be a "major land grab by Google for the social networking space".

"They've launched Buzz with plenty of interesting new features, particularly for mobile users, but the real question is whether there's enough to entice social networkers away from sites like Facebook and Twitter," he said.

Rival Yahoo already offers a service that allows people to see updates from sites such as Twitter and Flickr from inside their Yahoo Mail page.

Local chatter

The new features are built directly into Google's free e-mail service Gmail.

Users can post private or public status updates - known as a buzz - and share content from other sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picassa.

The messages - highlighted with a Buzz symbol - are incorporated directly into a person's Gmail inbox. Private updates are automatically added to a user's profile page, whilst public updates will also be available to search engines.

The site also incorporates elements of Twitter, such as the ability to "follow" people that share updates, and features that appear in Facebook such as the ability to "like" content.

Buzz will also recommend content from people that it thinks you may like to see and incorporate it directly into a users content stream.

Google Buzz product manager Todd Jackson described it as "an entirely new world in Gmail" during a press event at Google headquarters in Mountain View.

The firm has also integrated it with its mapping service and mobile platforms. For example, it has launched a mobile application for phones running its operating system Android.

Status updates sent from phones will record the location of the sender and add it to the message.

Other users can then search public messages from their phone.

"You can see what people in your neighbourhood are saying," said Google's Vic Gundotra.

Public updates will also be added to Google Places, a directory of businesses that include reviews of restaurants and theatres, for example.

The firm has also built the technology into the mobile versions of its maps.

It is not the first time Google has tried to launch a social network.

In 2004, it released Orkut. However, while it has become big in countries such as Brazil and India, it has been overshadowed by sites such as Facebook elsewhere.

The firm also recently launched Google Wave, a tool that mixes e-mail, with instant messaging and the ability for several people to collaborate on documents in real time.

Facebook is currently the most popular social network worldwide.

Last week it rolled out a new site layout and design for parts of the service to make it easier to search messages and chat.

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Author's remark: Soon we will not able to live without Google, just like we can't live without air...Google will rule over mankind