Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Oblivion Rocks!!!!!

Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion may be one of the best games in history (my gaming history)...for those who knows nothing about this game, imagine this..GTA ( Grand Theft Auto in a fantasy world)..u'll have total freedom int he game...killing anything u want...and learn any skill u like...(my favourite would be chain lightning..*Power!!! Unlimited power!!!! (Emperor Palpatine, Star wars, 2005)

Graphics: the graphics of the game is superb...from the surroundings to the well as the spells..(Lightning!!!!).. one hint: you can mess with the bodies/corpse of your opponents..which undeniably..i'm damn good with it!!! Rating 9.5/10

Gameplay: total freedom!!! nothing can be much more satisfying than freedom in the game. Furthermore, the creators says thisis AN action RPG They actually mean THIS IS AN ACTION RPG...Counter Strike gameplay plus Neverwinter Nights storyline ( unfortunately, neverwinter nights still beats oblivion in storyline and settings) last thing to note is that you can ride a horse with that, how cool can it be? Rating 9.5/10

Storyline: Well, it's just any typical rpg game where you are the hero and the saviour of this world. you'll fight monsters with super strength and superpowers who wanna dominate the world...In my opinion, Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, as well as Warcraft 3 have better storyline than Oblivion. (I want a game where my character can become Darklord..unleash destruction upon the foolish yet annoying human race..wuahahahaha) 9.0/10

Audio: The audio in this game is somehow resembles the real world. Birds cirping, swords clashing, people mumbling..and lightning zapping...nice..9/4/10

Another thing that is worth to note is the weaponry and spellcraft in the game. You'll have a lot of weapons and spells to choose from..however, there's no dual weapon battle system..and ultimate destuction spell like the Meteor Storm!!!! (Neverwinter Nights have the best collection of spells by far)

Lastly, the main storyline is quite short though. And I kinda don't like the ending part. (I'm the hero, but some stupid, annoying bugger sacrifice himself in the end...and became hero...#@$#$%%$)

Overall rating: 9.4/10....(finger licking good)

Well, time to continue zapping people..wuahahahaha

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

F.E.A.R this!!!

Finished the game F.E.A.R.. quite a nice, horror, and brutal game..limbs flying around, body being blown into pieces, and enemies got nailed to the wall..If those who like movies like the Ring and Ju-On..this is a great game to be experinced in dark hours..( preferbly midnight)...My friend-Sudheer and now Diban the great shouting and cursing while playing the game. ( Don't worry pal, SHE will always be with ya all) rating for this game 9.0/10....

Gameplay- nice gameplay syetem..a bit like half life but in terms of excitement..half life still rules..8.9/10

A.I-The so called or self-proclaimed Next-Gen A.I IS the next gen A.I...The enemies are not stupid to sit their and let you blow their heads off...they work as a team..(stop moving around and lemme hit ya!!!)//9.5/10

Graphics- The graphics are superb..from the characters to the detailed..and spooky tonnes of gore and blood..( Beat this Ju-On)9.4/10

Audio: The creators have done a superb job on the audios and musics..real damn spooky i would say. Nice! 9.5/10

One last thing is the weapon system...F.E.A.R got a nice arsenal of weaponry..howerver the game lacks blugeoning weapons..a bloodied katana or a chopping axe would add spice to the game...
(Fettel..lemme chop you..this time u bleed..wuahahahahaha)

Monolith..gimme a sequel!!!
Next stop..oblivion!!!!!

What a funny day...

We went to the Club House for lunch today, guess who we met there?

Our foundation lecturers!!! When they were about to order their lunch..the waiter informed they that they had already run out of rice. The lecturers then blamed us for finishing all the rice....*All of us pointing at Sudheer of course*...then I was blamed to have brainwashed Ammar...(He killed a person with a rock in his dream)..

Took pictures for our movie making project today...have so much fun...(somebody took my photo when i was on the rocking chair..)..

Back to class then...