Wednesday, 1 March 2006

F.E.A.R this!!!

Finished the game F.E.A.R.. quite a nice, horror, and brutal game..limbs flying around, body being blown into pieces, and enemies got nailed to the wall..If those who like movies like the Ring and Ju-On..this is a great game to be experinced in dark hours..( preferbly midnight)...My friend-Sudheer and now Diban the great shouting and cursing while playing the game. ( Don't worry pal, SHE will always be with ya all) rating for this game 9.0/10....

Gameplay- nice gameplay syetem..a bit like half life but in terms of excitement..half life still rules..8.9/10

A.I-The so called or self-proclaimed Next-Gen A.I IS the next gen A.I...The enemies are not stupid to sit their and let you blow their heads off...they work as a team..(stop moving around and lemme hit ya!!!)//9.5/10

Graphics- The graphics are superb..from the characters to the detailed..and spooky tonnes of gore and blood..( Beat this Ju-On)9.4/10

Audio: The creators have done a superb job on the audios and musics..real damn spooky i would say. Nice! 9.5/10

One last thing is the weapon system...F.E.A.R got a nice arsenal of weaponry..howerver the game lacks blugeoning weapons..a bloodied katana or a chopping axe would add spice to the game...
(Fettel..lemme chop you..this time u bleed..wuahahahahaha)

Monolith..gimme a sequel!!!
Next stop..oblivion!!!!!

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