Saturday, 22 January 2011

Singapore Day 5..

My last day at Singapore.

After shower and breakfast, I took the my luggage which I had packed the night earlier and checked out from my hotel. It was a short but awesome vacation. Since my flight back to Malaysia was scheduled in the evening, I had some time left to meet up with my friend who is working in Singapore. It has been a year since we met each other. We talked about the good old days back in university, some gossips and our worklife. Gosh, I really missed those uni days….

Time flies like the speed of Malaysian car on the highway. It was time for me to head back to KL. I bid him farewell and headed to the MRT for Changi Airport.

ote: The Air Asia staff at Changi Airport was friendly and helpful, while their Malaysian counterpart are arrogant, brainless son of bitches with no ethics at all. (Air Asia is practicing double standards....treating their own local people like shit with no value)

While I was waiting for my plane, I was interviewed by a lady from the Ministry of Tourism of Singapore. Hope that I could see some of my suggestions being implemented in the future.

If you can see water fountains (drinking water stations) around Singapore's landmark..That is my idea!!!

As the clock struck 8, I took my belongings and boarded the plane back to my home.

Note: I received a questionnaire from Air Asia requesting me to provide feedback on the service…..@#!#$!

Note: I was a lazy bum with a really tight schedule and heavy workload, pardon me for uploading the last post for my Singapore trip only at this time...

R.I.P my phone......

My first gen iPhone has been accompanying me for almost 4 years. Even after Apple announced the new iPhone 4, I was reluctant to change it since my phone did not give me any issues. It was my most useful and reliable little gadget when I was or without my laptop. I'd use it for emails, web surfing and gossiping chatting with my friends...

I must confess I did not really take good care of the phone. I've dropped it a couple of times and it was still performing very well (minus a few dents at the top left corner of the phone). After my US trip, where I dropped my phone *again on the tarmac road and leave a huge crack on the screen, my iPhone started experiencing random freezes...and in the last few months, I get it almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. And 2 weeks ago, my phone finally succumbed to its injuries. I was unable to revive it anymore. Everytime when I tried to start it up, it would just freeze. I've tried force reset, system recovery and all the remedies I can get from Dr Google but to no avail.

Goodbye iPhone, I'd certainly miss those good memories when we are together (my fingers moving up and down on your smooth and clear display screen, feeding you every night with electricity..etc).

Alright, Android phones, here I come!!!!!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

I was selected....

by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) for their research in which I was given a survey. As a heavy road user, I was ready to provide all the experience and information, hoping I could contribute to decrease road accidents in this country. When I look at the survey, I was like....."WTH is this?"

1. Car Mileage
2. When the mileage was taken
3. Main use for the vehicle
4. Met with an accident before? If yes, how many times?
5. Job
5. Job nature
6. Age
7. Sex
8. Salary

I thought they would ask more about road condition, driving habit..etc But why do they need my salary info for? The higher your salary, the most accidents? (maybe it's true, BMW drivers speed like mad on the road). This is bollocks....