Thursday, 29 January 2009

Life isn't easy since the financial crisis....

George and I trying to sell ourselves...

Do we really worth the money?? Yes!...we are really desperate...

Let's hope the world economy is doing better in 2009....

Monday, 26 January 2009

Dump the dumplings...and YAMSENG!!!!

The most common activity during the Chinese New Year celebration is eat, eat and eat. The food supply is literally endless during the celebration.

I had some nice dumplings for the reunion dinner, and I'm proud to say I helped in the process of making them..(usually I'd sit and wait for food)..

Dumpling steamboat...with all kinds of shape and variety

Some cute duck/bird/pigeon dumpling...cute huh?

and it quacks!!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Chongism would like to take this opportunity to wish all the chinese readers "Gong Xi Fa Chai" and happy holidays to those who are not celebrating Chinese New Year...

Things that are a must for the Chinese New Year celebration:

Mandarin oranges

Ang Pow (Red packet with money inside)


and of course...Mahjong!!!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Holy crap, KUNG FU Baby....

I found this randomly on youtube...This is one baby that I wouldn't want to mess with....

Obama's inauguration....YES WE CAN!!!

Barack Obama, after a long struggle with his enemy-turned-ally, Hilary Clinton and John McCain finally won his bedroom in the Whitehouse and a desk in the oval office. He has created a new American history, that is being the First African American to become the President of the United States which previously is exclusively to only white..really white people....(That's how Whitehouse got his name, the "white" house...)

Now, Obama is set to hold the title of "the most powerful man in the world"....

Let's hope that he can do a better job than this guy...Yes He Can!!!

George "Dubya" Bush, the most entertaining president in history

Obama is set to turn things right. Can he do it? Yes he can!!! Can we trust him?? Yes We Can!!! Obama has the will of steel, strong determination and the muscle to get the job done, and nothing is going to stop him....

Let's hope our next prime minister will set things right for Malaysia too....

But seriously, I don't really have much faith in him....don't know why.....

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Malaysian queuing policy.....

Definition of queuing (wikipedia): A line of people, vehicles or other objects, in which one at the front end is dealt with first, the one behind is dealt with next, and so on, and which newcomers join at the opposite end (the back).

In other words, the queuing policy (common, normal and ethical one) would first in first out policy...


D->C->B->A-> Service

A has been in the queue for the longest period, therefore A is entitled to obtain the service first. B would come after A and so on...

But Malaysians do things differently, because of the "Malaysia Boleh" (Malaysia can) spirit. Malaysians can do anything they want, and are encouraged to...

One thing that disgusts and angers me the most is that most Malaysians (young and middle aged...old and underprivileged ones can be spared because they need it more than us do) tend to adopt the last in first out policy...that is

A->B->C->D-> Service

A has been in the queue the longest but B, C and D cut in to get the service before A. What kind of attitude is this??? Some assholes might be giving lame excuses like "I'm in a hurry...I am in a rush...I need to masturbate now..etc" What about the first person in the line?? Is he not rushing for time too?? Is he not sick of waiting too for he has been waiting since the beginning?? And the jerks and selfish bastards just come in and stand in front of the queue...

Personally I have experienced some cibai lanciao motherfucker son of bitches (sorry for my harsh language here but I am fuming with flames when i think of these selfish bastards) came and cut my queue. Some of them act dumb and pretend it's nothing or they really deserve to cut my queue. Some cibais will even give you a "what the fuck are you looking at" look when you stare at them...The worst of the worst kind of Malaysians are those who will shout at others who cut their queue when they were the ones who cut other people's queue first...TAK MALU!!!!!

Seriously, this attitude is just disgraceful....Hopefully someone will invent a queuing system that will detect and sweep aside the person who cuts the queue.

Note: Bash me if you want, but I can truthfully say I always queue accordingly and sometimes even let the old people to go ahead of me first....

Friday, 16 January 2009

It's a little bit too effective......

Though I am a fairly lazy person, I tend to keep things neat and tidy...Recently I've tried to trim down some of my body hair....yes of you out there might feel doubtful and would say things like "Do I even have body hair?"

The answer to the question is, "Well, not really". To be honest, my hair from my waist upwards is very little or close to non existence (except the ones on my head). I hardly shave my facial hair and it's still clean like a new born baby. However, I would like to stress that I DO HAVE body hair, it's just in the areas covered by my pants, get what I mean? It's like my body consists of two worlds, the Sahara desert and the tropical rain forest found in Borneo.

The bad thing is, the rain forest is growing uncontrollably.....So I've decided to trim it down a bit, to make things a bit more balance. I have a few options:

  1. Trim it with a shaver
  2. Trim it with some scissors
  3. Trim it with bare hands through plucking
Well, the first two options will put me in risk of losing something really important to me and the last one is just too painful for me to bear...So I decided to try this instead.

Maybe I used too much strength, I squeezed 2/5 from the tube. But hey, beauty products never really works....just like the slimming belt that I bought last year, instead of getting slimmer, I ended up zapping myself with electricity..It was a really painful experience. After applied it for 6 minutes (according to the instruction), I went for a shower. I cleaned the area applied with the cream and guess what, all the hair came off. It's like the hurricane or a tsunami uprooting all the trees....

Now, it's more like a Sahara or a Savannah.....

Thursday, 15 January 2009

"Kepoh-ness" of Malaysians....

Note: This post applies to most of the middle aged Malaysian women (possibly some young and old ones too) ......Most of the guys would be far too busy staring at other women or or following around their wives/gfs like a servant....I think the habit is in the blood of all Malaysians (mainly aunties), and perhaps all East Asian people as well (I'm not sure about all East Asians, I'm still speculating on that)..

Just a question...Have you ever notice that some other people will look at what you have dump in your shopping basket or trolley when you go shopping? Based on my observation, I can say almost 75% of the people (Malaysians) did that. Personally, I think it's kind of irritating. Why would you want to know what other people have bought for themselves? Why? Why? Why? Friends and families are ok as they might be sharing the stuffs, of the parents might be forking out the money....but strangers? Why??!!? Is it that you want to compare the value of the stuff? Or the amount of the stuff??

I remember last time when I went to shop for some groceries at the Giant Hypermarket...I bought instant noodles, milk, fruit juices, bread, cheese...etc which are normal ordinary food rations that you can see and get in any supermarkets, and almost everyone that walked pass (mainly middle aged + female + Chinese + Malaysians) me would stare into my basket, just to see what I have bought. I was like : Why are you so concerned about what I've bought? Are you trying to compare the value of the stuff I bought??Are you going to pay for me??? Or are you going to laugh at me because I still drink vitagen??? Actually it's none of your business if I bought a year's supply of condoms!!!! Unless.....

When I was in the UK, this kind of incident never happened to me. The people there will be focusing on the goods that they want to buy. They "don't give a single shit" about your stuff, even if its the rarest thing in the entire shop. In fact, I was the one looking at other people's baskets and trolleys. So if anyone knows the reason of this weird habit, please enlighten me....I really want to know...seriously!!!

Imagine the awkard situation you'll face when you had to buy some "stuff" for the special night or when you go out with your girlfriend or mum where she had to buy the pads and stuff. (with you pushing the trolley alone while she strolls around at the other end of the shop).. The Malaysian shoppers will give you a "you are such a perverted freak" look......which I had experienced a few times....

I did a test in the Giant hypermarket and I found that 5/8 people stared at my trolley while walking pass me....So if anyone feel retarded or has tonnes of free time, just try this little test out...(Maybe it only happens to me alone as many aunties even grannies find me interesting and wanted to know more about me or my lifestyle, that's why they look at what I've bought....)

Disclaimer: I am not insulting or bashing anyone.....just feel curious about the bahaviour, tha's it...

Monday, 12 January 2009

IP man o Ip Man???

When I first saw the title of the movie, I was delighted and at the same time confused for a while. Being a computer science student who is nerdy + geeky (I am being humble here), the first impression I had with the with IP Man is...

"Oh gosh!!! Is this movie about some kind of superhero that will use the Internet Protocol to travel around the internet and kill bad hackers or computer virus to save the world??? How cool is that?? I wonder if he will break through the useless firewall on Windows PCs and crush the ultimate evil software powerhouse, Microsoft...."

It turns out that this was only a kung fu movie about a martial arts master Ip Man (Pronounced as "Yip" or "Yeap" "Ma-an").....What a let down...

Friday, 2 January 2009

Grand Theft Auto..Malaysia Campus!!! Sneak Peak!!!!

Finally a sneak preview of the game!!! (See the cover of the game: HERE)

Here's a list of the main characters featured in the game.

Chong aka "snow man from Siberia" - The head of the Chinese Triad. He is often seen in a black suit and a magnum in his hand. He rules his large crime organisation with an iron fist. His orders are absolute and should anyone goes against him, he or she would be executed mercilessly. Cruel and cold-hearted, he has been compared to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Hitler. His nature is brutal and often thirst for the blood of his opponents. His favourite past time is giving people "headshots" with his magnum ( 888 victims to date) and torture those who betrayed him. Rumour has it that he owns a private army, a personal intelligence network and a group of elite assassins which claimed to have assassinated almost a thousand people.

Robert de Negro - The head of the de Negro family, one of the 5 top families that control east side of the campus. His charming smile has intoxicated a large number of girls. However, he can be deadly serious sometimes. Calm and rational by nature, he is the one organising and planning out strategies for his crime syndicate. He likes to watch "bra and panties" wrestling match between girls and is personally very good at it. He prefers Chinese cuisine than the traditional fried chicken. He dislikes frogs as he had a horrifying history with the creature.

Chibi "Jilla" Ming - A small, cunning, untrustworty hitman that would always gets the job done if the pay if right. Often being spotted at the strip clubs but never actually interacts with the girls. He is skilled at doing "lap dance", perhaps influenced by the girls at the club. He is very afraid of Pearl and is usually intimidated by her size.

Nikki S - A character that is put in the game for no purpose. The character mainly helps the player by replenishing the health to full by performing some special "Tiger" dance. She can be found in the bar near the SA building or lingering around the east side of the campus.

Ahmed "Shasho" Capone - Born to an influential Egyptian family. He admires the Italian "Mafia" and tries to emulate their style. His crime syndicate spans from the east side to the center of the campus. His organisation is often regarded as the most powerful among the 5 top families. Some says this is due to the his close ties with the Chinese Triad. He plans to create a film about his crime organisation, like the ones they did in Godfather I, II, and III. His personal favourite food are spaghetti and pizza.

Minor Characters:

Pearl "The Beast" -Often seen as the de Facto leader of the "de Negro" family. She controls the entire family including the head, Robert de Negro behind the scene. She is a very capable fighter, strong enough to put any guys to the ground with a few punches. She likes to toy around Chibi "Jilla" Ming.

Juanda K. Hayley - A biker gang's leader. He is also known as the "Blonde Mohawk" or B.M. The biker gang usually operates outside the campus but do access to the campus every now and then.

Hemanshu "Contractor" - A polite looking guy that works for Robert de Negro. He is in charge of the Strip club. "Asians Sexy Sluts (A.S.S)" in eastern campus. He likes Chinese girls and is often seen flirting around with them.

Note: There are more than 1000 npc characters which the player will be able to interact with.


Author's rating: This is simply the best action-adventure-role-playing-first person shooter game ever produced. The demo is enough to impress us. The gameplay is smooth and the actions are good. The storyline is simply awesome and can beat any of the hollywood action films to date. It's just freaking marvelous. 10/10

New Year...New Beginning...

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!!!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!!! New year marks new experience, new challenges, new babes and new life!! (I do not mean that you should divorce your wife or get a new life as a janitor for exciting experiences...) The year 2008 has been a really unexpected and exciting year...Here's a recap on what had happened in 2008:

  1. We have the stunning March election where the BN lost two thirds of majority in the parliament (Malaysia)
  2. The drama of the love affair between Anwar and Saiful (Malaysia)
  3. ISA scandals (Malaysia)
  4. The World Financial Crisis which caused every country to be in deep shit now
  5. Obama, the first African American in history to win the seat in the Oval Office
  6. Contaminated Milk Scandal (China)
  7. Shoe throwing at Bush, which he managed to dodge...damn
  8. I failed to lose weight
  9. Still single
  10. etc.... (feel free to add more to the list)
My resolution for 2009:
  1. Be productive. I have been wasting my time every now and then doing useless stuff.
  2. Graduate, hopefully with a first class degree.

  3. Toning up body, so that I will look more like “man” man, and not looking like a pregnant man. (George, I'm with ya....)

  4. An overseas trip
  5. learn how to cook some nice dishes

  6. Find someone special

  7. Write a novel

Credits: Thanks to George for the first three photos....