Friday, 16 January 2009

It's a little bit too effective......

Though I am a fairly lazy person, I tend to keep things neat and tidy...Recently I've tried to trim down some of my body hair....yes of you out there might feel doubtful and would say things like "Do I even have body hair?"

The answer to the question is, "Well, not really". To be honest, my hair from my waist upwards is very little or close to non existence (except the ones on my head). I hardly shave my facial hair and it's still clean like a new born baby. However, I would like to stress that I DO HAVE body hair, it's just in the areas covered by my pants, get what I mean? It's like my body consists of two worlds, the Sahara desert and the tropical rain forest found in Borneo.

The bad thing is, the rain forest is growing uncontrollably.....So I've decided to trim it down a bit, to make things a bit more balance. I have a few options:

  1. Trim it with a shaver
  2. Trim it with some scissors
  3. Trim it with bare hands through plucking
Well, the first two options will put me in risk of losing something really important to me and the last one is just too painful for me to bear...So I decided to try this instead.

Maybe I used too much strength, I squeezed 2/5 from the tube. But hey, beauty products never really works....just like the slimming belt that I bought last year, instead of getting slimmer, I ended up zapping myself with electricity..It was a really painful experience. After applied it for 6 minutes (according to the instruction), I went for a shower. I cleaned the area applied with the cream and guess what, all the hair came off. It's like the hurricane or a tsunami uprooting all the trees....

Now, it's more like a Sahara or a Savannah.....

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