Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year...New Beginning...

Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009!!!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!!! New year marks new experience, new challenges, new babes and new life!! (I do not mean that you should divorce your wife or get a new life as a janitor for exciting experiences...) The year 2008 has been a really unexpected and exciting year...Here's a recap on what had happened in 2008:

  1. We have the stunning March election where the BN lost two thirds of majority in the parliament (Malaysia)
  2. The drama of the love affair between Anwar and Saiful (Malaysia)
  3. ISA scandals (Malaysia)
  4. The World Financial Crisis which caused every country to be in deep shit now
  5. Obama, the first African American in history to win the seat in the Oval Office
  6. Contaminated Milk Scandal (China)
  7. Shoe throwing at Bush, which he managed to dodge...damn
  8. I failed to lose weight
  9. Still single
  10. etc.... (feel free to add more to the list)
My resolution for 2009:
  1. Be productive. I have been wasting my time every now and then doing useless stuff.
  2. Graduate, hopefully with a first class degree.

  3. Toning up body, so that I will look more like “man” man, and not looking like a pregnant man. (George, I'm with ya....)

  4. An overseas trip
  5. learn how to cook some nice dishes

  6. Find someone special

  7. Write a novel

Credits: Thanks to George for the first three photos....

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