Friday, 2 January 2009

Grand Theft Auto..Malaysia Campus!!! Sneak Peak!!!!

Finally a sneak preview of the game!!! (See the cover of the game: HERE)

Here's a list of the main characters featured in the game.

Chong aka "snow man from Siberia" - The head of the Chinese Triad. He is often seen in a black suit and a magnum in his hand. He rules his large crime organisation with an iron fist. His orders are absolute and should anyone goes against him, he or she would be executed mercilessly. Cruel and cold-hearted, he has been compared to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Hitler. His nature is brutal and often thirst for the blood of his opponents. His favourite past time is giving people "headshots" with his magnum ( 888 victims to date) and torture those who betrayed him. Rumour has it that he owns a private army, a personal intelligence network and a group of elite assassins which claimed to have assassinated almost a thousand people.

Robert de Negro - The head of the de Negro family, one of the 5 top families that control east side of the campus. His charming smile has intoxicated a large number of girls. However, he can be deadly serious sometimes. Calm and rational by nature, he is the one organising and planning out strategies for his crime syndicate. He likes to watch "bra and panties" wrestling match between girls and is personally very good at it. He prefers Chinese cuisine than the traditional fried chicken. He dislikes frogs as he had a horrifying history with the creature.

Chibi "Jilla" Ming - A small, cunning, untrustworty hitman that would always gets the job done if the pay if right. Often being spotted at the strip clubs but never actually interacts with the girls. He is skilled at doing "lap dance", perhaps influenced by the girls at the club. He is very afraid of Pearl and is usually intimidated by her size.

Nikki S - A character that is put in the game for no purpose. The character mainly helps the player by replenishing the health to full by performing some special "Tiger" dance. She can be found in the bar near the SA building or lingering around the east side of the campus.

Ahmed "Shasho" Capone - Born to an influential Egyptian family. He admires the Italian "Mafia" and tries to emulate their style. His crime syndicate spans from the east side to the center of the campus. His organisation is often regarded as the most powerful among the 5 top families. Some says this is due to the his close ties with the Chinese Triad. He plans to create a film about his crime organisation, like the ones they did in Godfather I, II, and III. His personal favourite food are spaghetti and pizza.

Minor Characters:

Pearl "The Beast" -Often seen as the de Facto leader of the "de Negro" family. She controls the entire family including the head, Robert de Negro behind the scene. She is a very capable fighter, strong enough to put any guys to the ground with a few punches. She likes to toy around Chibi "Jilla" Ming.

Juanda K. Hayley - A biker gang's leader. He is also known as the "Blonde Mohawk" or B.M. The biker gang usually operates outside the campus but do access to the campus every now and then.

Hemanshu "Contractor" - A polite looking guy that works for Robert de Negro. He is in charge of the Strip club. "Asians Sexy Sluts (A.S.S)" in eastern campus. He likes Chinese girls and is often seen flirting around with them.

Note: There are more than 1000 npc characters which the player will be able to interact with.


Author's rating: This is simply the best action-adventure-role-playing-first person shooter game ever produced. The demo is enough to impress us. The gameplay is smooth and the actions are good. The storyline is simply awesome and can beat any of the hollywood action films to date. It's just freaking marvelous. 10/10


BOB said...

Haha! Good stuff. I like me :)

JillaKing said...


I'm speechlesss... But it's better than i-Nikki 1.0

Chong said...

did you mean your photo?