Sunday, 30 September 2007


After a tiring day at Beeston….an old people place (full of old people and kids…i guess all the teenagers are in St. Anns or the Meadows fighting with each other)
Beeston has some really cheap stuff to offer…I bought 2 cheese cakes (whole cake)..and finished one of them on the same day..haha..1 pounds per cake…cheaper than one slice of cheescake in Starbucks. I went for an afternoon nap after the trip and missed my dinner which served from 5.30 to 6.30 pm….oh yeah, I had some Chinese food today at the Yun’s Restaurant. The roasted meat was quite ok, and the serving is huge. David can’t finish his mountain Chicken Fried Rice…haha

Just look at how happy shara was:

As for dinner, we had no choice but to order take aways…We ordered some big ass portion of kebabs ..(finally some tastes on the spices…the English only puts two types of spices…salt and pepper…and a lot of cheese to cover the taste…)

It was a Heaven and Hell day for our campus..(I think it’s some sort of themed party and concert) and the campus was heavily guarded by the security guards.. My Newark Hall got the Hell theme btw, and i can see why they got that…too many disgusting looking angels and a lot of devils………..

pic: Some juggling act in the compound

I spent some time in shara’s room watching some comedies on how the pathetic Japanese tortured themselves… honestly they have nothing better to do other than smacking each other..
Soon, it was nightfall…I approached my comfortable bed (though damn small for my size) and went to bed….The night was a good night to sleep..Roughly at about 3.30 am in the morning, the fire alarm rang…I woke up and put on my clothes (I still sleep half naked …haha) and went out of my room…After a while, the fire alarm went off and I thought it’s some prank or a joke..When i was about to head back to my bed, the alarm rang again, i got my keys and went out of my room again and saw my neigbour who was just as sleepy as i am..(still feel sleepy now no thanks to some bastards) I thought maybe this is some sort of fire drill but it turned out to be a real fire..(some drunk assholes did something stupid in the pantry)..I forgot to put on my jacket and was freezing outside the halls….Shara and I started cursing the culprits for disturbing our sleep. Just then, the warden announced that it was a real fire which he didn’t actually expect one before the fire drill which is going to be held next week.
The firemen took about 15 minutes to put out the fire and after confirmed that the building is safe, we went back to our rooms….(Luckily, the bastards didn’t try out another "attempt" otherwise i’ll run amok and delete them from the surface of this world….)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

UK day 7.....

Met a cheerful year 3 student (girl) which refused to be called aunty …(she is quite young…and is into modelling..and currently studying biochemistry and Genetics)….i have no idea when we started talking and started to be friends and started to play…She introduced a game called "impression" in which she will ask a series of questions and then we have to guess which card represent us..(they will decide which card represent who..i know it’s complicated…it took us half an hour to understand the game…) They were very good at it..(2 gals (including her) and 2 guys..Shara and I asked some dumb questions and gave them the easy win…..

After that, we played the game "Truth or Dare" in whichShara was drained out of energy by the 20 sit ups (thanks to me) and I had to dance…(Shara was forced to be my dance partner) Ka Wing did a run with his shoe lace tied together and had to knock at people’s door on the got bored of the dare and started bombarding questions (truth) at each other….including personal ones…If my memory serves me right, i think we played and chatted until 3 am….

The next day, we went to the fresher’s fayre again and took a lot of freebies as well as signing up some clubs and societies..(We were aiming for the free ones…) We strolled around the place for sometime and went to register ourselves at the sports centre…(I have no idea why they put so many security guards there…it’s just a registration booth………)

We managed to take the bus back to jubilee campus without having to wait for hours like the other day..

edited: Video of the helium gas trick shown below...

Monday, 24 September 2007

Fresher's fayre......

Nottingham’s fresher’s fayre is not something like the pathetic CS fair… is a carnival….There are over 174 stalls displaying different type of clubs and societies. One of the stalls that attracted my eyes is the one with some hot, half-naked Samba girls. (I’ve forgotten the name of the club as my eyes are staring at the girls at all times...ok...the boobs) The Gliding club even brought in the glider..(some sort of plane without engine..) So far I’ve signed up only for the ISB (Intelligence Service Bureau…not’s the International Student Bureau which will organise trips around Europe…yay…so much for studying…) The Malaysian Society looks a bit dull and boring as there are no hot, pretty girls to entertain important people like me…unlike the Chinese (China) Society, they have some decent girls at their booth….

When it’s time to head back to Jubilee Campus, something which made my blood boiled happened. I was walking to the bus stop for the hopper bus back to my campus with a happy mood (going back to refresh myself) but to my utter dissapointment, the buses are full. Nevermind, I guess I'll wait for the next us. I think they have started to adapt to the Malaysian timing. (KTM..20 minutes per train and will always be packed)....I’ve waited for 20-30 minutes but every bus seems to be full. So I took a tiring uphill walk to the bus stop near the entrance of the university hoping that I can be the first to board the next bus. (The bus goes around the uni and stops at designated bus stops… ) My genius idea didn’t actually work as the damn ******* *** ** * ***** (foul words entry) bus just pass by the bus stop without stopping…..I waited for the next bus and signalled it to stop. The bus driver gave me a sign "Sorry mate, cant stop here as the bus is full.." I went all the way back to the first bus stop. I saw a few buses coming in but then they disappeared after that. (no buses came to my bus stop…M**********…) I had the urge to get a taxi but luckily the last bus of the day arrived…I boarded the bus and headed back to my 4 star room….(Don’t be jealous….)

Saturday, 22 September 2007

UK day 4

Same as usual….but a bit late for breakfast as I was whelmed last night. There weren’t many activities so we chilled out at the library. The network is fast and stable. After spending a few hours there, we went for lunch. I had another dish added to my godlike list, the mash potato with mushroom sauce and sausages. The slight thought of it has made my mouth watered. Who says English food is bad? ok, apart form the mash potatoes, they are bad........

UK day 3

I woke up as usual at 6.30 am and took a freezing bath. Then I had to go around waking some other guy for breakfast. After the hearty breakfast, we went on a tour at jubilee campus. Jubilee campus… I would say it’s the best campus among the 4 Nottingham campuses, being the University Park, Sutton Bonnington, Jubilee Campus, Ningbo Campus, and the Malaysia Campus. The buildings are new and modern. The interior of the buildings can be compared to a 5 star hotel anytime. There is an artificial lake in the jubilee campus as the lake is a trademark for Nottingham campuses. The surrounding area is nice and it is now home for cod fish, birds, ducks and swans. The only down part if the campus is that the area is full of dangerous land mines strategically placed by the birds there. Everything is within walking distance here, thank god…. The tour around jubilee campus took us about half an hour. After that I went back to my room for shower while Shara went for the Health Registration. The trip to Nottingham city centre comes after that. It is a nice place…not much cars like some bukit bintang place…we toured around the city trying to get a good bargain at the contract phone. Unfortunately, the price is too expensive compared to the price offered in Low Yat. Dinner was not available due to the trip. So we have to get our own food somewhere in Nottingham. Shara recommended Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant whose chefs are blacks… The other fellas were having a second thought as the food was pricy. They have decided to go Subway (a chain food restaurant, much like Mc D or KFC). While they were walking towards their destination, Shara and I turned back for Wagamama. I had Chicken Katsu Curry while Shara had some ramen. The food was godlike and big portion. No photos were taken as we ate the food in less than 3 minutes…haha…

After the satisfying dinner, we went back to our halls to get ready for the main event, which was a trip to the famous Oceana club in Nottingham city. I would never, ever forget this night as I had a very unpleasant encounter in the club. The nightmare begins when Shara, me, Ben and some friends were playing hide and seek with a friend. We hid at some corner of the club until a group of ladies (not chics due to their age) came in, bringing along big bottles of alcohols. They started drinking and soon after, they began to dance. We plan to get back to the upper levels but when I was about to leave the place, one of the ladies (the inhumanly fat and disgusting one, twice the size of Shara) suddenly grabbed me by my waist and started dancing with me. I’ve tried to resist her by pushing her away but she was too strong for me. She performed the strip dance on me, with me being the pole, and she touched some part of my chest plus rubbing the fat big boobs on it. It felt like water balloons. The only difference is that it is filled with fat.I cant really say:” get the hell off me!” as she can overpower me easily. I took the chance to escape when she was unaware of me….. I wouldn’t mind if a hot blondie dance with me…but that one is a hell of a monster...Later on, a chic tried to “tackle” me when I was buying my drink… She was behind me, tapping my shoulder. Fearing of meeting another “pig demon”, I ignored her totally… Roughly at 1.30 am, I went back to my university hall, tired and battered.

UK day 2

Woke up at 7.30 am at went for breakfast at 8am in the Harry Potter room. The breakfast is quite ok…2 huge sausages, an egg plus some hashbrowns. I love the cereals, not too sweet, not too “artificial”….just nice. Shara did something that not even the greatest spy in the world can beat. He went for a second helping, (the rules say everyone can have only 1 helping). He took of his jacket and wala, the guy gave his another set of breakfast. Shara’s skill in disguise is truly amazing. We wandered around the campus in the whole morning. I tried to open a bank account but the queue is too long. Britons just love queues and you can't cut it like any Malaysians would do cause they are gonna beat you up for that. Trust me, they will.

The medical/heath registration for my hall comes after that. I went in and filled up the forms and handed over to the medical officers. The officer asked me whether I had taken any of the listed vaccinations. I am not sure of the last one in the list but it does sounds familiar, so I told her “yes” and I’m all good. Juanda and Karim were jabbed. Juanda took 1 injection while Karim took 2. (Juanda insisted in taking only 1…haha) We strolled around the Trent building (the clock tower). One thing common for all Nottingham universities is that the main building is always the best….5 stars decoration inside. Even though the building is more than hundred years old, it has an automatic door system, which sadly to say that the better and modern (country name) campus is actually the outdated one. After that, we tried to search for Shara and ask him to join us for lunch. Shara told us that he is somewhere near the food court. We went up there and saw some dancing practice or performance there. Trying to see whether Shara was among them, we went near the room and took a peep. The girl saw us and asked us to join but we left hurriedly (sounds like peeping toms hgere). To our horror, she chased after us and said:” Come , join us for the dance. We have too much girls in there and we need some guys.” I wouldn’t want to “impress” the ladies with my superb dancing skills, so I rejected her offer and told the girl that we are searching for our friend. She then walked off in disappointment. (actually the last sentence is bullshit….) We then took our pathetic lunch in the café. The food was average at best, but still better than some café in the university with the same name but with an additional country name behind it. We went back to our rooms and slipped into oblivion (sleeping) for 3 hours…until I had a ring in my stomach…(he’s good, getting me to release all the stuff inside before dinner…dinner was nice…I had some salad, lamb with mash potatoes and potato wedges…as well as apple crumbs for dessert. Forgot to take the pictures of the food as we finished it within 3 minutes…) We went for some movies organized by the student union (James Bond: Casino Royale) but it’s full of people. (I only wanted to see the part where Bond got hit in the balls) Failed to get a seat inside, we headed back to our rooms. On the way it rained, so I took out my mini umbrella but it was useless. The wind is quite strong at that time, I opened up my umbrella and it blew into a shape that won’t shelter me from the rain. Feeling cold and almost freeze to death, we went for some hot chocolatemilk (40 p). Sipping a hot drink in the cold night is truly satisfying until some guy dropped his 20p on the floor. He tried to search for it. I told him to let it be, maybe something wants the money. He ignored my words and continued his search. After 10 minutes, he found the 20p but he spilled his chocolate milk which is still half full….20p gone in the wind… is destined.

UK Day 1….

After 13 hours of torment on the plane ....I had back pain, neck-pain, shoulder-pain n butt-pain (for sitting too long on the plane and not something funny). Finally we arrived at the i-don’t-know-why-so-many-people-want-to-come-to-this-country-as-there-is-nothing-great-here country. The immigration section was full of people..roughly the scene where thousands of football fanatics trying to rush into the stadium….Juanda, and his friend Karim had to do the x-ray thing before they are allow to enter the country. I, a genius had my x-ray report ready at hand and was allowed to go through immediately.
First thing i did when I arrived in the UK was paying a retarded 20 pounds/ RM 140 (at that time) for my additional luggage (they will move your huge luggage for free and allow only a small hand-carry luggage on the coach….i had 2 “small” luggage while juanda had a big camping bag ….and yea..i had to pay and not juanda….********( foul word here)

The trip to Nottingham was 3 hours ++…and the reason why it takes so long isn’t because of the traffic is smooth..and not because of some-retarded minister in some country who always wants to build fly-overs and highways which do nothing but worsen the traffic. The true reason is that the UK people drives very, very slowly, even though they are in some fancy cars like Porsche or Ferrari…. The trip further worsen my butt-ache as the ride was really bumpy.. There is one thing I would like to compliment about Malaysia highways is…the highway is beautiful…Unlike UK highways…you’ll get to see the same view until you reached some place…juanda and karim were bored to death on the bus while I was looking at the super-cars on the road… Here is something that I have observed during the ride…

Malaysia cars = UK cars
Proton Wira = BMW 5, 7 series
Proton Waja = Mercedes Benz E class
Kancil/Kelisa = VW Bettle/ Mini Cooper
Proton Perdana = Porsche 911
Proton Gen 2 = Peugeot

And I’ve seen a lot of Bentley (any kind), Ferraris..Porsches and even Rolls Royce Phantom on the road..a bit sick of the view…Now I want to get a look at the famous James Bond Car—Aston Martin….

We arrived at our temporary halls for the welcome programme…Shara is in Cripps hall while the rest of us are located in Derby Hall…Cripps Hall looks like a military barrack..there’s a huge square in the middle of the building and all the buildings are chain together, forming a square which looks like a fort…As for Derby Hall, the place looks like a Prison..watched Prison Break before? There is only 1 toilet in every floor, which means we have to get in a gay orgy party every time we want to use it…(male and female occupants are separated)

Nottingham Uversity is oversized…imagine we have to walks miles to reach the Portland Building ….and to Shara’s room… Walking in the open area is like walking in a fridge / freezer (at night)…There is a Millenium Park here..(the name sounds nice but the park has only some broken fountains and weird rocks in display..oh yea..some fish in the ponds as well)..We went to the Tour around Uni thing, and it’s exactly like the one you saw in the movie Road Trip, except that the guide is SANE…

The famous Nottingham lake is full of ducks and……shit……yes…we have to avoid the grass at all cost as there is no where safe…talk about random are everywhere..they are like rocks in the garden… Shara even showed us the apples trees where he stole some of them..according to him, the apples are tasty…He even stole some cakes and biscuits which has the sign- “20 pennies a piece”..Don’t blame him, blame the Uni..This is a welcome week programme, at least give us some free food…

Lunch was ok....Juanda had some KFC style fried chicken except that it is smaller and saltier..2.80 pounds/40k rupiah..I had some rice with beef-tomato gravy…3.89 pounds / RM 27++….Dinner was free though, we had to line up and get our food…sounds like prison inmates, no? The dining area is decorated with long tables and chairs..This is the place where all the prison inmates are going to dig in…. If I put in a much more pretty view here…imagine the dinner scene in Harry Potter 1…. We had some tasteless pasta with turkey meatballs.a huge BANANA..very huge indeed..3x bigger and longer than Malaysia’s local banana…same goes to the other banana…and a lot of corns..

We wandered for a while during the night and even Shara, the behemoth with layers of insulation, failed to withstand the cold……Guess we should hibernate like the bears…
I took my icy shower… and then I throw myself onto the very soft mattress with highly unstable frames..(god knows when the thing will give way) and called it a night…………

Saturday, 8 September 2007

A September to remember……..

Okay, so i stole the title from my fellow what?..sue me..haha

The 4 months of dull, boring and "did nothing at all" holidays has finally come to an end..Before this, i prayed to "whomever that is above" to end my miserable life (I’m talking bout the holidays here, if you are thinking about the other thing, know this, i’m immortal) but now i’m praying that the holidays will go on forever…

September, the month which I’ve been most active in…i did a lot of stuffs..a lot..first thing was the UK visa..Now i know how the British people became so blardy rich..Everyday around 300++ people paying a non-refundable RM 713 visa fee to the UK High Commission…and that’s only do the maths.. The US Visa centre is silence as a far as i can see, there are ZERO, i repeat ZERO customers..Those people sitting inside are coming for the UK visa (overcrowded…had to sit in the US place) Here are some experiences and tips for those who wanna get the UK visa..

1. Don’t ever use your handphone in the centre..don’t even try to use it secretly…there’s a BITCHY guard who is able to sense the wave from your phones even though you are in a crowd of 300++ people…(Trust me, she has a damn good sensor)

2. Don’t wait at the lift area, get yourself a drink at the nearby cafe..the BITCHY guard will chase you away (actually politely?? ask you to go somewhere else) even though that’s a public area…

3. Remember to bring some books , magazine (I don’t care if it’s pornography) or some sleeping pills..otherwise you’ll be bored to death..

4. When submitting your documents, arrange them and give it straight to the officer. There’s no point asking questions as the answer will always bw "no comment".

5.Lastly, when you want to get back your passport, arrive at the centre 2 hours earlier. The officers there are 100% inefficient…

I was lucky enough to meet a girl there as I didn’t bring any books, magazines or sleeping pills..we chatted for hours and without knowing it, it was my turn…lol

The 2nd thing i did during September was a "food tour". I have been told that the British food is plain and only "edible". (But i think it’s definitely a million times better the "nasi campur lipas special/Special Mixed rice with cockroach"..for the full story, find it somewhere in this blog) So i guess it’s better if i satisfy my "taste buds" and my stomach before arriving at "the land with no great food and had to copy from orientals".

1st stop: Saisaki japanese buffet…it’s expensive and taste like shit now..sorry for using the word "shit" for describing food, but it’s seriously shit……

2nd stop: Ibrahim maju…I love the spices, curry and the BIG..BIG piece of chicken at an affordable price..(actually dirt cheap)

3rd stop: Jogoya japanese buffet in StarHill..introduced by someone who hasn’t been there…Luckily for him, the food was ok..(otherwise something terrible might happen) I like the drunken chicken, the beef and the fish..and of course, an unlimited supply of Haagen Daiz ice-creams.. I tried one of the herbal soups there, and guess what? It tastes like "Bak Chang / Chinese glutinous rice"..(now called "Bak Chang soup"… actually it’s Black Chicken Herbal Soup..the chicken is seriously black).. The price is around RM 100 per person, including tax…

4th stop: Chakri Palace..I love the "godlike chicken stuffed with crab meat" called Ponn Ja (I think..) and the bean curd. Some guy (The same guy that introduced Jogoya…) ordered the "Thai green curry" cause he-saw-a-lot-of-people-ordering-it-and-think-it’s-nice….I can only taste the strong coconut milk flavour in the curry……..The fruit punch was quite good….I wanted to try the drink called "orgasm"..but then it’s a public place..who knows what’ll happen after that…..

5th stop: Broga godlike fish…One of my favourite dishes of all times…one thing puzzles me though..I had more rice (4 servings) than the fish…is the rice even more godlike?

6th stop: Mooncakes…I’ve tried the mooncake stuffed with "strawberry and laici"…and it’s marvellous..Definitely going into my godlike list"

At the end of the food tour, i gained 12 pounds and stomach-ache for 3 consecutive days…but it’s worth it……

To be continued……..