Saturday, 22 September 2007

UK Day 1….

After 13 hours of torment on the plane ....I had back pain, neck-pain, shoulder-pain n butt-pain (for sitting too long on the plane and not something funny). Finally we arrived at the i-don’t-know-why-so-many-people-want-to-come-to-this-country-as-there-is-nothing-great-here country. The immigration section was full of people..roughly the scene where thousands of football fanatics trying to rush into the stadium….Juanda, and his friend Karim had to do the x-ray thing before they are allow to enter the country. I, a genius had my x-ray report ready at hand and was allowed to go through immediately.
First thing i did when I arrived in the UK was paying a retarded 20 pounds/ RM 140 (at that time) for my additional luggage (they will move your huge luggage for free and allow only a small hand-carry luggage on the coach….i had 2 “small” luggage while juanda had a big camping bag ….and yea..i had to pay and not juanda….********( foul word here)

The trip to Nottingham was 3 hours ++…and the reason why it takes so long isn’t because of the traffic is smooth..and not because of some-retarded minister in some country who always wants to build fly-overs and highways which do nothing but worsen the traffic. The true reason is that the UK people drives very, very slowly, even though they are in some fancy cars like Porsche or Ferrari…. The trip further worsen my butt-ache as the ride was really bumpy.. There is one thing I would like to compliment about Malaysia highways is…the highway is beautiful…Unlike UK highways…you’ll get to see the same view until you reached some place…juanda and karim were bored to death on the bus while I was looking at the super-cars on the road… Here is something that I have observed during the ride…

Malaysia cars = UK cars
Proton Wira = BMW 5, 7 series
Proton Waja = Mercedes Benz E class
Kancil/Kelisa = VW Bettle/ Mini Cooper
Proton Perdana = Porsche 911
Proton Gen 2 = Peugeot

And I’ve seen a lot of Bentley (any kind), Ferraris..Porsches and even Rolls Royce Phantom on the road..a bit sick of the view…Now I want to get a look at the famous James Bond Car—Aston Martin….

We arrived at our temporary halls for the welcome programme…Shara is in Cripps hall while the rest of us are located in Derby Hall…Cripps Hall looks like a military barrack..there’s a huge square in the middle of the building and all the buildings are chain together, forming a square which looks like a fort…As for Derby Hall, the place looks like a Prison..watched Prison Break before? There is only 1 toilet in every floor, which means we have to get in a gay orgy party every time we want to use it…(male and female occupants are separated)

Nottingham Uversity is oversized…imagine we have to walks miles to reach the Portland Building ….and to Shara’s room… Walking in the open area is like walking in a fridge / freezer (at night)…There is a Millenium Park here..(the name sounds nice but the park has only some broken fountains and weird rocks in display..oh yea..some fish in the ponds as well)..We went to the Tour around Uni thing, and it’s exactly like the one you saw in the movie Road Trip, except that the guide is SANE…

The famous Nottingham lake is full of ducks and……shit……yes…we have to avoid the grass at all cost as there is no where safe…talk about random are everywhere..they are like rocks in the garden… Shara even showed us the apples trees where he stole some of them..according to him, the apples are tasty…He even stole some cakes and biscuits which has the sign- “20 pennies a piece”..Don’t blame him, blame the Uni..This is a welcome week programme, at least give us some free food…

Lunch was ok....Juanda had some KFC style fried chicken except that it is smaller and saltier..2.80 pounds/40k rupiah..I had some rice with beef-tomato gravy…3.89 pounds / RM 27++….Dinner was free though, we had to line up and get our food…sounds like prison inmates, no? The dining area is decorated with long tables and chairs..This is the place where all the prison inmates are going to dig in…. If I put in a much more pretty view here…imagine the dinner scene in Harry Potter 1…. We had some tasteless pasta with turkey meatballs.a huge BANANA..very huge indeed..3x bigger and longer than Malaysia’s local banana…same goes to the other banana…and a lot of corns..

We wandered for a while during the night and even Shara, the behemoth with layers of insulation, failed to withstand the cold……Guess we should hibernate like the bears…
I took my icy shower… and then I throw myself onto the very soft mattress with highly unstable frames..(god knows when the thing will give way) and called it a night…………

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