Thursday, 27 September 2007

UK day 7.....

Met a cheerful year 3 student (girl) which refused to be called aunty …(she is quite young…and is into modelling..and currently studying biochemistry and Genetics)….i have no idea when we started talking and started to be friends and started to play…She introduced a game called "impression" in which she will ask a series of questions and then we have to guess which card represent us..(they will decide which card represent who..i know it’s complicated…it took us half an hour to understand the game…) They were very good at it..(2 gals (including her) and 2 guys..Shara and I asked some dumb questions and gave them the easy win…..

After that, we played the game "Truth or Dare" in whichShara was drained out of energy by the 20 sit ups (thanks to me) and I had to dance…(Shara was forced to be my dance partner) Ka Wing did a run with his shoe lace tied together and had to knock at people’s door on the got bored of the dare and started bombarding questions (truth) at each other….including personal ones…If my memory serves me right, i think we played and chatted until 3 am….

The next day, we went to the fresher’s fayre again and took a lot of freebies as well as signing up some clubs and societies..(We were aiming for the free ones…) We strolled around the place for sometime and went to register ourselves at the sports centre…(I have no idea why they put so many security guards there…it’s just a registration booth………)

We managed to take the bus back to jubilee campus without having to wait for hours like the other day..

edited: Video of the helium gas trick shown below...

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