Sunday, 30 September 2007


After a tiring day at Beeston….an old people place (full of old people and kids…i guess all the teenagers are in St. Anns or the Meadows fighting with each other)
Beeston has some really cheap stuff to offer…I bought 2 cheese cakes (whole cake)..and finished one of them on the same day..haha..1 pounds per cake…cheaper than one slice of cheescake in Starbucks. I went for an afternoon nap after the trip and missed my dinner which served from 5.30 to 6.30 pm….oh yeah, I had some Chinese food today at the Yun’s Restaurant. The roasted meat was quite ok, and the serving is huge. David can’t finish his mountain Chicken Fried Rice…haha

Just look at how happy shara was:

As for dinner, we had no choice but to order take aways…We ordered some big ass portion of kebabs ..(finally some tastes on the spices…the English only puts two types of spices…salt and pepper…and a lot of cheese to cover the taste…)

It was a Heaven and Hell day for our campus..(I think it’s some sort of themed party and concert) and the campus was heavily guarded by the security guards.. My Newark Hall got the Hell theme btw, and i can see why they got that…too many disgusting looking angels and a lot of devils………..

pic: Some juggling act in the compound

I spent some time in shara’s room watching some comedies on how the pathetic Japanese tortured themselves… honestly they have nothing better to do other than smacking each other..
Soon, it was nightfall…I approached my comfortable bed (though damn small for my size) and went to bed….The night was a good night to sleep..Roughly at about 3.30 am in the morning, the fire alarm rang…I woke up and put on my clothes (I still sleep half naked …haha) and went out of my room…After a while, the fire alarm went off and I thought it’s some prank or a joke..When i was about to head back to my bed, the alarm rang again, i got my keys and went out of my room again and saw my neigbour who was just as sleepy as i am..(still feel sleepy now no thanks to some bastards) I thought maybe this is some sort of fire drill but it turned out to be a real fire..(some drunk assholes did something stupid in the pantry)..I forgot to put on my jacket and was freezing outside the halls….Shara and I started cursing the culprits for disturbing our sleep. Just then, the warden announced that it was a real fire which he didn’t actually expect one before the fire drill which is going to be held next week.
The firemen took about 15 minutes to put out the fire and after confirmed that the building is safe, we went back to our rooms….(Luckily, the bastards didn’t try out another "attempt" otherwise i’ll run amok and delete them from the surface of this world….)

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