Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Walking to Beeston

Wednesday, a day without lectures…bored of the food in the atrium, Shara and I decided to go for lunch in Portland building in Park Campus. Instead of taking the usual hopper bus, we took a 25 minutes (supposedly) walk through some small lanes to our destination. We used a landmark (a tall weird building) as our guide to get to park campus. Our genius idea failed miserably as we soon noticed that the landmark was actually the other building, and not the one in park campus. Having no other options, (no shortcuts or what-so-ever), we followed the route to the QMC (Queen’s Medical Centre) which is linked to the main campus. The QMC is an immensely huge building…..and yeah we got lost in it for 25 minutes until my "100% accurate intuition" lead us to the exit that links to the main campus…We saw some dead bodies (maybe…) while searching our way out in the maze…lol

After the tiring journey, we walked for another 20 minutes to reach Beeston…a nice calm, peaceful place filled with old people…did some shopping there…vodka…cakes…etc. Shara bought a bagful of nuts..(He claimed that those are healthy snacks…my ass..oops..sorry for the language)…

Before heading back to Jubilee Campus, we stopped by the sports centre and checked out the archery practice…looks interesting but i think kendo is cooler

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