Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Trip to Birmingham…

After a few weeks of harsh lectures..(is it? not enjoying yourself meh?) We’ve decided to go on a trip to Birmingham..a city far more better than Nottingham (any city is better than Semenyih…thought i would say Nottingham?? Dream on, at least they have Hooters here…) I struggled to wake up early in the morning..(thank god no fire alarm that night…had some sleep after some Raya open house in St. Peter’s court…and Juanda is a bloody good assassin..accused me and killed me off in the end…creepy bastard..(a game of finding the killer) The train ticket was fairly cheap though…5.55 pounds for 2 way ticket…never trust the misleading National Rail website…19 pounds….

The journey took about 1 hour and 27 minutes. When we arrived at the station in Birmingham, we tried to find the way to Bullring…a modern and huge shopping complex in Birmingham..Without knowing it, the complex is just opposite the train station.

pic: Bullring Shopping Mall

Shara is happy!!!

Our first stop in Bullring was Krispy Kreme…a godlike doughnut stall…people here would die for it…trust me..THEY WOULD DIE FOR IT..We bought a dozen and the lady at the counter presented another 4 for us (4 doughnuts..not dozens) as complimentary…so each of us had 4 original doughnut for breakfast…Shara even went to lick the icing in the box…imagine the power of Krispy Kreme!!!

After that, we went to shop around the place…Some things are cheap…and some stuff can cost up to 600 pounds…there’s a lot of rag markets around the area too…I wanted to get a katana there but a martial arts license is needed for the purchase…damn!!!

We had our godlike lunch at Wagamama (outlet in Birmingham)…aah..I craved for more Katsu curry…..We continued our shopping until late evening…and helped ourselves with some hot chocolate at Starbucks..(our seat has a nice view of the majestic Cathedral)

Before heading back to Nottingham, we went back to Krispy Kreme and bought another 2 dozens of doughnuts..(Krispy Kreme: Come...come...i know you want it....)

As for dinner, we had 70 chicken wings from Hooters (a restaurant full of hot blonde chicks serving godlike chicken wings..)

Our chicken wing meal:



ps: Shara stole my chicken while I was taking photos!!!

And I was LEFT WITH THIS!!!!

Btw…the next day…we went to visit some Raya Open House…The satays and rendang were awesome!!!! and Bob…we HAVE Malaysian Food here…haha

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