Monday, 5 November 2007

October Frenzy….

Contrary to my title, I haven’t been doing much crazy stuff....I've been doing my courseworks, group projects (I am such a good boy), eating, sleeping, visiting Raya open houses and "tumpang makan" (freeloading) at Ben’s place….lol..and yeah, trying to get a new place to stay…getting sick of the atrium food and the tremendously small room….

So, let the photos tell the story…(to lazy to write anything…don’t blame me, blame the course and all the nice things in UK)

Photo 1 (taken while venture around Riverside student accomodation):

Photo 1: Jaguar factory

Stretched hummer!!!

Photo 3: Bak kut teh n "peri-peri" fried rice:

Steam-boat feast:

Second round with tom-yam:

Everyone is happy:

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