Sunday, 25 November 2007

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars...

The long awaited Tiberium Wars is out!!! With the introduction of a whole new faction apart from the GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod, the Scrin. So which faction will conquer the rich tiberium earth?

Factions in the game.

Scrin: Alien race. Appear to be the Zerg-like aliens from Starcraft series. Posseses the most advanced technology in the game (Like any fictional alien race...)

GDI: The good human faction...Posseses high end technology, powerful tanks and the "best visual effect" superweapon... Similar to be the "China faction" in the Command and Conquer Generals Series...(Mammoth tank and Overlord tank...or perhaps it's the other way round?)

NOD: The good old sophisicated terrorist organization, the Brotherhood of Nod, lead by the charismatic leader, Kane (nice name...) Resembles the "GLA" from the Command and Conquer Generals Series..Uses stealth and speed to overcome and destroy their opponents...

Gameplay: The developers bring back the good old interface from Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2...gotta love the "girl" saying "contruction" complete"...It has a mixture of both the old and new gameplay (from Generals Series)...and I would say the A.I is pretty impressive...So my rating for gameplay is 8/10

Audio/Sound:The sound is rather good, the explosion, the sexy "female assistant"..nuff said....8.5/10 (*some voices..."You pervert!!!")

Graphic:The main focus of the game is its graphics. It has the best graphic up to date, only second to Company of Heroes (In my opinion, CoH still has better graphics and gameplay).. The explosions are nicely done, and the tanks and buidlings are made in full details..... 9.2/10

Verdict: This is a"must play" game for any RTS fanatics...However, if you have decided to get this game, check your hardware requirements first as this little "sweetie" requires some high-end graphic card and huge amount of disk space and RAM....9.0/10

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