Monday, 26 November 2007

Orks have big guns....

Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade is a RTS game created by Relic Entertainment, the "genius" behind the much successful Company of Heroes.

Gameplay: Like the previous Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and Company Heroes, player will have to capture strategic points to gather resources. The "Relic" point in the game will enable player to unlock the most powerful unit of the faction that the player is using. Player can choose seven different factions, the Space Marines, Chaos, Eldars, Imperials, Orks, Tao Empire and the Necrons has in the campaign and skimirsh. The campaign is similiar to the Total War campaign, which a player will choose a faction and conquer the provinces in the world of Kronus. .... 8.0/10

Graphics: Though the graphics may be outdated, the laser and aura effects still tops today's RTS games. The animation are nicely done with some quite brutal "chain-sawing" and "bone-smashing" mele attack. (Ork warboss:"Me like smashing limbs...") The battle scenes can be breathtaking, dragging the player into a futuristic warfare between the 7 factions....8.8/10

Audio/Sound:The music is topnotch quality. The sound effects of gun battles, shell bombardments, and swords clashing add another plus to the game. Wouldn't you just love it when the orks say: "We have machine guns"...... 8.6/10

Verdict: This game really brings out the term "Futuristic Combat" in the RTS gaming. Fan of Warcraft? You'd find this game familiar..... 8.8/10


(pic: Battle for Middle Earth?)
(pic: Battle Scene)
(pic: Too bad Kratos isn't here to join the party...)

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