Saturday, 11 July 2009

Real Gundam hits Tokyo....

Japan has successfully created the Gundam War machine and is gonna use it to take over the world!!!!!

Ok, the second half of the first sentence is bullcrap, but the Japanese did create a life-size Gundam and is being displayed in Tokyo.

Basic Stats:

Height : 18 metres
Weight : 35 tonnes
Main Engine : None
Armour Type : Plastic?
Generator Output : 0 kw
Thruster Output : 0
Movement Range : 0 km
Speed : 0 km/s(Static)

Weapons System:
Main Armament : None (Only a few neon lights that shine during the night)
Secondary Armament : None
Firepower : 0
Rate of Fire : 0
Range : 0 (can't shoot anything)

*Neon Lights on the eyes, chest and some parts of the body

Hope the Japs will build a Freedom or a Legend....

More information at:

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