Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Fire and Christianity

Woke up as usual and went for breakfast together with Shara. We had an early class (10 am…early?) that day, and Shara felt a bit light headed (?). We had the same continental breakfast again..(the usual toast, cereals…..etc) But this time, we had an additional stuff to add to our breakfast, a freshly-baked croissant. Shara had some "brilliant" idea to make his croissant to taste even better…..that is by putting the croissant into the toast machine….and guess what? Instead of getting the "toasted", "crunchy" croissant, he got "fire" on it…yup..Shara started a fire in the toaster. The fire was big..I can see the sparks coming out from it..Luckily that "genius" didn’t trigger the fire alarm…The experienced staff used some stick and took the totally burnt croissant out from the toaster…….with some muttering in her mouth.."Who’s that idiot that put croissant in the toaster…"

After that, we had a lecture on "i-don’t-get-it-nor-understand-a-thing-at-all-Algorithm-and-data-structures"..The lecture was a nightmare…There were errors on the slides and the lecturer asked us to ignore it…wth??? Fortunately, the lecture was only 1 hour…I went to Beeston after that for my banking stuff…on my way back, i met some old local by the name, George Wilby…a bible teacher. He was asking for some translation in the confucius book..(I’m chinese…and yes i can speak and understand chinese..so stop thinking that i’m a banana even though i use English most of the time…") We chatted for a while after that…with my poor-going-to-be-average English accent…We talked about World leaders..governments….corruption..etc and of course, Christianity…….(i have some knowledge on that…thanks to Da Vinci Code..haha) He was thrilled when i told him one of my favourte captions …"There is a devil in every man’s heart"…Before we parted…he gave me a magazine titled "The WatchTower"…and his phone number…msn….etc…haha..Honestly, he’s a friendly old man.. and I really enjoyed chatting with him…HONEST!!!!

My only regrets is that he’s not a PhD research student in Christianity…otherwise i’d have joined him and get a PhD for myself…haha (Permanent Head Damage….now 34%…)

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