Saturday, 8 September 2007

A September to remember……..

Okay, so i stole the title from my fellow what?..sue me..haha

The 4 months of dull, boring and "did nothing at all" holidays has finally come to an end..Before this, i prayed to "whomever that is above" to end my miserable life (I’m talking bout the holidays here, if you are thinking about the other thing, know this, i’m immortal) but now i’m praying that the holidays will go on forever…

September, the month which I’ve been most active in…i did a lot of stuffs..a lot..first thing was the UK visa..Now i know how the British people became so blardy rich..Everyday around 300++ people paying a non-refundable RM 713 visa fee to the UK High Commission…and that’s only do the maths.. The US Visa centre is silence as a far as i can see, there are ZERO, i repeat ZERO customers..Those people sitting inside are coming for the UK visa (overcrowded…had to sit in the US place) Here are some experiences and tips for those who wanna get the UK visa..

1. Don’t ever use your handphone in the centre..don’t even try to use it secretly…there’s a BITCHY guard who is able to sense the wave from your phones even though you are in a crowd of 300++ people…(Trust me, she has a damn good sensor)

2. Don’t wait at the lift area, get yourself a drink at the nearby cafe..the BITCHY guard will chase you away (actually politely?? ask you to go somewhere else) even though that’s a public area…

3. Remember to bring some books , magazine (I don’t care if it’s pornography) or some sleeping pills..otherwise you’ll be bored to death..

4. When submitting your documents, arrange them and give it straight to the officer. There’s no point asking questions as the answer will always bw "no comment".

5.Lastly, when you want to get back your passport, arrive at the centre 2 hours earlier. The officers there are 100% inefficient…

I was lucky enough to meet a girl there as I didn’t bring any books, magazines or sleeping pills..we chatted for hours and without knowing it, it was my turn…lol

The 2nd thing i did during September was a "food tour". I have been told that the British food is plain and only "edible". (But i think it’s definitely a million times better the "nasi campur lipas special/Special Mixed rice with cockroach"..for the full story, find it somewhere in this blog) So i guess it’s better if i satisfy my "taste buds" and my stomach before arriving at "the land with no great food and had to copy from orientals".

1st stop: Saisaki japanese buffet…it’s expensive and taste like shit now..sorry for using the word "shit" for describing food, but it’s seriously shit……

2nd stop: Ibrahim maju…I love the spices, curry and the BIG..BIG piece of chicken at an affordable price..(actually dirt cheap)

3rd stop: Jogoya japanese buffet in StarHill..introduced by someone who hasn’t been there…Luckily for him, the food was ok..(otherwise something terrible might happen) I like the drunken chicken, the beef and the fish..and of course, an unlimited supply of Haagen Daiz ice-creams.. I tried one of the herbal soups there, and guess what? It tastes like "Bak Chang / Chinese glutinous rice"..(now called "Bak Chang soup"… actually it’s Black Chicken Herbal Soup..the chicken is seriously black).. The price is around RM 100 per person, including tax…

4th stop: Chakri Palace..I love the "godlike chicken stuffed with crab meat" called Ponn Ja (I think..) and the bean curd. Some guy (The same guy that introduced Jogoya…) ordered the "Thai green curry" cause he-saw-a-lot-of-people-ordering-it-and-think-it’s-nice….I can only taste the strong coconut milk flavour in the curry……..The fruit punch was quite good….I wanted to try the drink called "orgasm"..but then it’s a public place..who knows what’ll happen after that…..

5th stop: Broga godlike fish…One of my favourite dishes of all times…one thing puzzles me though..I had more rice (4 servings) than the fish…is the rice even more godlike?

6th stop: Mooncakes…I’ve tried the mooncake stuffed with "strawberry and laici"…and it’s marvellous..Definitely going into my godlike list"

At the end of the food tour, i gained 12 pounds and stomach-ache for 3 consecutive days…but it’s worth it……

To be continued……..

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