Saturday, 22 September 2007

UK day 2

Woke up at 7.30 am at went for breakfast at 8am in the Harry Potter room. The breakfast is quite ok…2 huge sausages, an egg plus some hashbrowns. I love the cereals, not too sweet, not too “artificial”….just nice. Shara did something that not even the greatest spy in the world can beat. He went for a second helping, (the rules say everyone can have only 1 helping). He took of his jacket and wala, the guy gave his another set of breakfast. Shara’s skill in disguise is truly amazing. We wandered around the campus in the whole morning. I tried to open a bank account but the queue is too long. Britons just love queues and you can't cut it like any Malaysians would do cause they are gonna beat you up for that. Trust me, they will.

The medical/heath registration for my hall comes after that. I went in and filled up the forms and handed over to the medical officers. The officer asked me whether I had taken any of the listed vaccinations. I am not sure of the last one in the list but it does sounds familiar, so I told her “yes” and I’m all good. Juanda and Karim were jabbed. Juanda took 1 injection while Karim took 2. (Juanda insisted in taking only 1…haha) We strolled around the Trent building (the clock tower). One thing common for all Nottingham universities is that the main building is always the best….5 stars decoration inside. Even though the building is more than hundred years old, it has an automatic door system, which sadly to say that the better and modern (country name) campus is actually the outdated one. After that, we tried to search for Shara and ask him to join us for lunch. Shara told us that he is somewhere near the food court. We went up there and saw some dancing practice or performance there. Trying to see whether Shara was among them, we went near the room and took a peep. The girl saw us and asked us to join but we left hurriedly (sounds like peeping toms hgere). To our horror, she chased after us and said:” Come , join us for the dance. We have too much girls in there and we need some guys.” I wouldn’t want to “impress” the ladies with my superb dancing skills, so I rejected her offer and told the girl that we are searching for our friend. She then walked off in disappointment. (actually the last sentence is bullshit….) We then took our pathetic lunch in the café. The food was average at best, but still better than some café in the university with the same name but with an additional country name behind it. We went back to our rooms and slipped into oblivion (sleeping) for 3 hours…until I had a ring in my stomach…(he’s good, getting me to release all the stuff inside before dinner…dinner was nice…I had some salad, lamb with mash potatoes and potato wedges…as well as apple crumbs for dessert. Forgot to take the pictures of the food as we finished it within 3 minutes…) We went for some movies organized by the student union (James Bond: Casino Royale) but it’s full of people. (I only wanted to see the part where Bond got hit in the balls) Failed to get a seat inside, we headed back to our rooms. On the way it rained, so I took out my mini umbrella but it was useless. The wind is quite strong at that time, I opened up my umbrella and it blew into a shape that won’t shelter me from the rain. Feeling cold and almost freeze to death, we went for some hot chocolatemilk (40 p). Sipping a hot drink in the cold night is truly satisfying until some guy dropped his 20p on the floor. He tried to search for it. I told him to let it be, maybe something wants the money. He ignored my words and continued his search. After 10 minutes, he found the 20p but he spilled his chocolate milk which is still half full….20p gone in the wind… is destined.

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