Monday, 24 September 2007

Fresher's fayre......

Nottingham’s fresher’s fayre is not something like the pathetic CS fair… is a carnival….There are over 174 stalls displaying different type of clubs and societies. One of the stalls that attracted my eyes is the one with some hot, half-naked Samba girls. (I’ve forgotten the name of the club as my eyes are staring at the girls at all times...ok...the boobs) The Gliding club even brought in the glider..(some sort of plane without engine..) So far I’ve signed up only for the ISB (Intelligence Service Bureau…not’s the International Student Bureau which will organise trips around Europe…yay…so much for studying…) The Malaysian Society looks a bit dull and boring as there are no hot, pretty girls to entertain important people like me…unlike the Chinese (China) Society, they have some decent girls at their booth….

When it’s time to head back to Jubilee Campus, something which made my blood boiled happened. I was walking to the bus stop for the hopper bus back to my campus with a happy mood (going back to refresh myself) but to my utter dissapointment, the buses are full. Nevermind, I guess I'll wait for the next us. I think they have started to adapt to the Malaysian timing. (KTM..20 minutes per train and will always be packed)....I’ve waited for 20-30 minutes but every bus seems to be full. So I took a tiring uphill walk to the bus stop near the entrance of the university hoping that I can be the first to board the next bus. (The bus goes around the uni and stops at designated bus stops… ) My genius idea didn’t actually work as the damn ******* *** ** * ***** (foul words entry) bus just pass by the bus stop without stopping…..I waited for the next bus and signalled it to stop. The bus driver gave me a sign "Sorry mate, cant stop here as the bus is full.." I went all the way back to the first bus stop. I saw a few buses coming in but then they disappeared after that. (no buses came to my bus stop…M**********…) I had the urge to get a taxi but luckily the last bus of the day arrived…I boarded the bus and headed back to my 4 star room….(Don’t be jealous….)

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