Saturday, 22 September 2007

UK day 3

I woke up as usual at 6.30 am and took a freezing bath. Then I had to go around waking some other guy for breakfast. After the hearty breakfast, we went on a tour at jubilee campus. Jubilee campus… I would say it’s the best campus among the 4 Nottingham campuses, being the University Park, Sutton Bonnington, Jubilee Campus, Ningbo Campus, and the Malaysia Campus. The buildings are new and modern. The interior of the buildings can be compared to a 5 star hotel anytime. There is an artificial lake in the jubilee campus as the lake is a trademark for Nottingham campuses. The surrounding area is nice and it is now home for cod fish, birds, ducks and swans. The only down part if the campus is that the area is full of dangerous land mines strategically placed by the birds there. Everything is within walking distance here, thank god…. The tour around jubilee campus took us about half an hour. After that I went back to my room for shower while Shara went for the Health Registration. The trip to Nottingham city centre comes after that. It is a nice place…not much cars like some bukit bintang place…we toured around the city trying to get a good bargain at the contract phone. Unfortunately, the price is too expensive compared to the price offered in Low Yat. Dinner was not available due to the trip. So we have to get our own food somewhere in Nottingham. Shara recommended Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant whose chefs are blacks… The other fellas were having a second thought as the food was pricy. They have decided to go Subway (a chain food restaurant, much like Mc D or KFC). While they were walking towards their destination, Shara and I turned back for Wagamama. I had Chicken Katsu Curry while Shara had some ramen. The food was godlike and big portion. No photos were taken as we ate the food in less than 3 minutes…haha…

After the satisfying dinner, we went back to our halls to get ready for the main event, which was a trip to the famous Oceana club in Nottingham city. I would never, ever forget this night as I had a very unpleasant encounter in the club. The nightmare begins when Shara, me, Ben and some friends were playing hide and seek with a friend. We hid at some corner of the club until a group of ladies (not chics due to their age) came in, bringing along big bottles of alcohols. They started drinking and soon after, they began to dance. We plan to get back to the upper levels but when I was about to leave the place, one of the ladies (the inhumanly fat and disgusting one, twice the size of Shara) suddenly grabbed me by my waist and started dancing with me. I’ve tried to resist her by pushing her away but she was too strong for me. She performed the strip dance on me, with me being the pole, and she touched some part of my chest plus rubbing the fat big boobs on it. It felt like water balloons. The only difference is that it is filled with fat.I cant really say:” get the hell off me!” as she can overpower me easily. I took the chance to escape when she was unaware of me….. I wouldn’t mind if a hot blondie dance with me…but that one is a hell of a monster...Later on, a chic tried to “tackle” me when I was buying my drink… She was behind me, tapping my shoulder. Fearing of meeting another “pig demon”, I ignored her totally… Roughly at 1.30 am, I went back to my university hall, tired and battered.

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