Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Some "Facts" about Malaysia...

1. Do you know that Malaysians are capable of breaking anything in the world?
Answer: Nothing in the world is unbreakable for a Malaysian...These are among the favorites... Laws, Promises, Houses....etc

2. Do you know why there is no Malaysian team in World Cup?
Answer: Because The Malaysian Cup is much bigger than the World Cup....(pic below)

3. Do you know what Malaysians hate?
Answer: Patience

4. Do you know what is the greatest fear among Malaysians?
Answer: ISA

5. Do you know that Malaysian politicians are also Hollywood grade producers and actors?
Answer: Check out the some of the best action movies like Dual Perak MB, The Chronicles of Anwar, MCA Wars etc and you'll be amazed!!!

6. Do you know what will never increase in Malaysia?
Answer: Salary

7. Do you know what Malaysians have for breakfast every morning?
Answer: Traffic Jam

8. Do you know that Malaysian companies provide the worst ever "over the counter" services in the world?
Answer: Most of the counters are empty even thought the workers are there....taking there own sweet time doing their own business...

9. Do you know that Malaysians are getting smarter and smarter every year?
Answer: More students are getting straight As in the public exams over the years...

10. Do you know that public transports in Malaysia are just illusions?
Answer: They never existed, that's why everyone owns a Proton even though it sucks....

11. Do you know that Malaysians are natural F1 racers?
Answer: Malaysians are born to drive. Michael Schumacher will shit his pants when he drives on Malaysian highways.....

12: Do you know that "Highwaymen" in Malaysia are paying tolls instead of collecting them?
Answer: That's is why no Malaysian is fond of being highwayman....

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