Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weird afternoon....

It all started when my friend George who just came back from UK and I were having lunch at Kim Gary in Sungai Wang plaza. We were chatting and cranking some jokes while having our lunch just like any other people there. George is a "funny" mad clown, and I am a crazy "Retard". We literally "exploded" the restaurant with our laughter. We were laughing so hard and our voice can shatter any glass object.

After our lunch, George told me that some girls at the table behind us were taking photos of us and a girl beside our table was laughing at our jokes (Eavesdropping??). I didn't manage to catch that scene (taking our photograph) as the girls were sitting behind me. To be honest, I was really surprised that someone is actually taking photographs of us!! (Not sure if its true, maybe the clown is making things up....or maybe we are just too hot!! Yes, we were really hot....sweating like ice melting under the hot sun)

p.s. A message to the girls behind me, if it is true that you are taking photos of us...can I have a copy of it? Thanks!!!!

Just for laughs...It's actually "Sons of Dorn"...

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