Sunday, 15 April 2007

Entering the 20’s…

First of all, i would like to thank my friends for throwing a dinner party at the Overseas Restaurant…(RM 333 for 1 dinner, really appreciate that, even though Broga Fish is more Godlike…lol)

(pic: The "Semi-godlike" fish..wonder what’s Shara doing?)

(pic: "Semi godlike" fish…)

Other dishes (Click for enlargement): 1.Godlike pork, 2.Bean Curd, 3.Butter Prawn, 4.Some vege with soup..and GODDAMMIT, forgot to take photo of the Sharkfin soup!!!!!

Aims for the new decade:

1: Develop my mind-power to a stronger level (Completely destroyed and demoralized Nick, Caused my friends to lose in winning eleven (Ammar lost to AI, Nick, Shara, Juanda lost to the opponents I favoured for…)

2: Be more hard-working…(Relaxed to much already, doing all work in the last minute….)

3: Strengthen my dicatorial powers and destroy democracy…(I’ve learnt that democracy system is slowly growing among my friends..)

4: Getting 6 packs..(been eating nice food for the past few months..shit..trousers getting tighter)

Out of all 4 aims, I know that 2 and 4 are not going to happen…(Out of nowhere, Ammar shouting "BAIKkkkkk")

Hopes for the next coming years, less work more play..cant take it anymore after this semester……

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