Thursday, 4 June 2009

ADV: Cheap Rented Lorry (Lori Sewa)

Need to move stuff that you can't bring using normal cars? Here's a trusted lorry service with the lowest price ever!


Anda perlukan lori untuk:-
Pindah Rumah,Pindah Pejabat, dan Buang Barang-Barang Terpakai

Kami Berada Di:-
Nilai,Kajang,Cheras,semenyih,bangi,puchong,Kl,putrajaya,dan sekitar lembah klang.

-Out Station Di Semenanjung Malaysia
-Harga untuk semenyih,kajang,dan cheras sekitar RM80-100 [Lori 2Tan]
-Harga untuk kawasan lembah klang sekitar RM80-160 [Lori 2Tan]

Sila hubungi:-
Zahari 0163949001

Author's comment:

I've used the service once, and it was great. The driver is friendly and helpful, plus the price he that charged was really cheap compared to other rented lorries (lori sewa). I moved my stuff from Semenyih to Subang Jaya for only RM200 (including manpower to move my stuff up and down).

Price from Semenyih to Kajang (excluding personnel charge): RM 80
Semenyih to Subang Jaya (excluding personnel charge): RM 120/ around RM 200 or more (if you need them to move your stuff aka manpower charge)
Semenyih to Shah Alam: Around RM130 ++

And other places...They do provide services to the entire Malaysia excluding Sabah and Sarawak..(if only we have a bridge to Sarawak)

Note: Price stated above might change without notice. Please call the number above to negotiate the price. I do not own the business or have anything to do with the advertisement above, so please don't send any emails regarding the service to me....

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