Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Messing with Company of Heroes....

After getting bored at the "actual" game, i've decided to tweak a little to spice up the fighting....These modifications include:

  • a Super 1-hit-KO Tiger Tank
  • all tanks have futher attack range

  • artilleries have wider area effect and can target every corner of the map

  • massive explosions

  • debris stay on battlefield to add realism to the game

The full-scale battle is just magnificant. I haven't felt so much excitement from an RTS game. Here are some of the screenshots:

Great bombardment by the stukas....

After 3 hours of heavy bombardment by the stuka and a captured Allied Howitzer...behold, the Allied Massacre!!!

Tool used for modding: Corsix Tools
Howto & Tutorials: Relic Forum

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