Thursday, 3 July 2008

Divine Intervention

In this game you are a bad-ass priest (he looks like one hell of a priest) armed with hangun, shitgun and even an uzi, battling against the forces of evil aka zombies and demons...

The game is quite short, only 3-4 scenes and you will fight with the boss. The graphics are nice but the action is a bit stiff (try aiming your gun at your back and you'll see the arm is twisted 360 degrees). The graphics are nice (beware, extrem graphcs here, with tonnes of blood, gore and multilations...) A great game to kill your time I supposed?

Author's feedback and rating: A nice, quality flash game. Good graphics, easy controls....I wish they implement better gun fight animations, more blood and gore in the upcoming sequel (if there is any).


screen 1: Killed by some bastard kid zombie.......

screen 2 : Boss fight

screen 3: Sequel????

Here's the link to the game:

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