Saturday, 18 February 2006


It's been a while since i wrote something here..Currently addicted at a few things shown below:

novel writing - inspired by my friend,Sudheeran,who is a reject from the Bollywood Star Search.

online game Utopia - found it on the net and me and several of my friends were hooked on it. And yeah, Mustap, if you are reading this, i'm gonna raze down your lands, kill all your peasants, and have you stuck in the toilet for hours..wuahahaha..thanks to you, my mind now filled with dictatorship, how to massacre the whole population, etc

wallpaper making - can resist myself to produce high quality wallpapers, well i think. Using real life object combined with characters from varies Animations. Simply marvelous. *Admiring myself...*

sleeping - nowadays i cant live without an afternoon nap...coz i have no class in the afternoon..I sincerely feel sorry for the others..*Wakakakaka*

listening to Japanese music -This is a must. It serves as a lullaby to me. It gives me comfort and relaxation, releasing me from the thoughts of dictatorship, massacring, killing, torturing.....( took a How Evil am I test that day, ended up with pure evil...>_<)

listening to Sudheer's musing, teasing and bla bla bla.(Not under my addiction list) One of the infamous teasing is that Alor Star have only 5 people living, and Sudheer claimed that i've massacred all the poeple their except my family.. Ocurrance: Everyday, every minute, every second. Numb to it dy.

The Hobbit song - now became the no.1 hit in my list.

"They're taking the hobbit to Isengard..You stupid fat hobbit..."

Making fun of the then Captain Landak which has shaved his head and turned into BotakBoy. *i dunno whether it's another form of disguise or really cant stand the teasing. If it's the latter, Sudheer, you rock! you are the master of mind manipulation!!! Come join my army!!!*

Hope that this new sem will be a lot more fun than the last one.


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