Friday, 14 July 2006

Age of Empires III is a terrible game....

As written above, this game is horrible, though the graphics are superbly nice. Here's the review.

Graphics: Nice and detailed building and units. Marvelous physics on the actions..(fighting, cutting, bombarding..etc)9.5/10

Gameplay: Lousy gameplay. (Unit limitation is the one i hate the most..but this is out of topic..) Each nation supposed to have different and unique units and AOE III did the opposite. Almost all the units present in each nation. (WTH? better make just 1 nation instead of 8..hello are wasting money.. ) Second most frustrated issue is that the cpu only knows how to build cannons and artilleries. Bad A.I!!! Bad A.I!!!0.5/10

Sound: The audio and music in the game isn't that impressive compared to other RTS games..(Warcraft??) The sound of explosions isn't that "loud"...6.5/10

Overall, the game's rating is bad at best...

p.s. Been very busy during the holidays..but still manage to try some programming for the novel writing..need some inspiration...adios

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