Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lego Star Wars II...

Lego Group had proven that the company not only good at producing toys..but also computer games. Lego Star Wars II is one of the most entertaining games out there., thanks to its humorous contents and tonnes of actions in the gameplay.

Storyline:The story re-tells some of the original trilogy's most famous moments through cut-scenes that feature no dialogue at all.... 7.5/10

Gameplay: It's an action adventure game, just like GTA San Andreas. Instead of dealing with mafias, mobs and gangters, player will have to deal with characters built by lego bricks. There is much freedom in the game where player can roam around freely and kill anyone that crosses you or any strangers that you feel like killing. Players can even customize their own characters. The humourous gameplay will keep the player entertained, eg. Princess Leia's ultimate attack, the "Bitch-Slap x 3".. (normal characters can only slap the opponent once and normal characters have 4 health...that would mean the "Bitch-Slap x 3" will take away 3/4 life...scary) 8/10

Graphics: The graphics in the game are interesting and high quality (Nice use of shadings and lighting effects, plus it's colourful, dragging the player into the Star Wars Fantasy world). The game also offers the most sophisticated star-shops and towering robots...made from lego bricks...... 8.5/10

Audio/Sound: The music in the game is quite entertaining. The sound effects from the laser guns and light sabers are nicely done.....7.5/10
Verdict: This is definitely one of the most entertaining Star Wars game out there..(Nominated as the best PC action game in 2006)... 8/10


Pic 1: One shall stand, one shall fall....
Pic 2: Lightsaber battle begins....
Pic 3: Vader is such a cutie, isn't it?
Pic 4: Darth 3PO Stormtrooper?????
Pic 5: Lego Star Destroyer....

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