Sunday, 22 February 2009

Befolgen Sie mich oder sterben !!!!!

I had the most frustrating weekend ever... I was planning to start my nice weekend completing the interface design for my project but sadly it did not happen. All went well in the beginning until the light of my mouse started to flicker... then it stopped working. I took the mouse up and shook it a little and it went to life again...After a while, it started flickering and then went dead again. This time, it took me more energy to bring it back to life.. (I shook twice or thrice before it starts working again..)

Then the nightmare went dead every 10-15 minutes...and after I shook it for the 6th time..a message popped up on my screen..."USB Device not recognised"... I unplugged the mouse and put it worked....well for a while...then it went dead again...or the dread message pops up... I was in a bad mood as I had a tough time trying to detect and fix the error in my programming code..Finally I unplugged the mouse, swirled it like a cowboy (yes, the George Bush type and not the gay type...not offense here)..smacked it a few time and plugged it back..Still not signs of life...

I thought my usb driver could be corrupted..I reinstalled the driver and nothing happened..So I concluded that it finally found its way to the Bill Gates.......(not Pearly Gates....all dead Windows (Windows compatible) devices will go back to the originator..Bill Gates)

Luckily I had a spare mouse in case something bad happened to the previous one. Unfortunately, this son of a bitch was so depressed with the passing of the first mouse that it wouldn't follow any of my instruction. The cursor would go around the screen, disappears or hangs for a while...I was enraged and frustrated... after no luck reviving it (unplug and re-plug...swinging...kissing..etc) I dismembered it.....(The following picture might not be suitable for the weak minded and young viewers..)

And since both my mouse had died..I had to spend the entire afternoon looking for a new mouse...(There goes my time to finish my work...)

And I got myself a Microsoft wireless mouse...Be happy Ming....

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