Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sex is the current "IN" thing in Malaysia.....

Nowadays, when you turn on the TV, or read up the news paper, or even talk to some Malaysians, they will tell you a lot about SEX. Since the famous sex biography few years back, the topic got even more coverage.

The government even went further to create stories just to satisfy the fellow Malaysians, hence we got the "Sodomy II", a sequel to "Sodomy I" by Krony studio. The team is also very generous in bringing back the main lead from the previous series. The storyline is even more exciting and interesting.

For the pleasure of the general public and to benefit from the ever rising popularity of the main lead, Krony studio has created the latest movie, entitled "A night in the Hotel", with a budget of 36 million ringgit. The movie also saw the first use of a foreign hot girl as the second lead, a switch from the usual wrinkled-big-bellied old farts.

According to the spokesman from Krony studio, this is just one of the titles in the of the PRemium Series.Some of the upcoming titles include "Fun on the wheelchair", "Rocket Girls" etc. However, he remained tight-lipped on the storyline. "The time will come. "he said. "Hope the public will like our creations." When asked about the cancellation of the much awaited "Fantasies of the plumpkin called Rose", he said there was much implications and technical difficulties along with the high cost when producing the movie. Thus, the team has no choice but to drop it from the list.

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