Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ministry of Transport...wake up

Malaysian roads have become one of the most dangerous places on Earth. If you have been to one, it's a hell of a journey. For the past few weeks, my car was almost rammed into by more than 6 idiots. They were either zig-zagging (without signal), cutting queues (again, without signals), tailgating, etc. Last week, my virgin car was finally "fucked" by an idiot driver. The funny thing was that my car was stuck (static) in a traffic jam and she still can crash into my rear.

Strict rules should be enforced by the police and JPJ (miracle needed here). Here are some of my ideas:

1. Drivers who have caused more than 3 accidents (the ones at fault here) will get their cars confiscated and lose their insurance. They still need to settle their car loans if any.

1.1 Drivers who repeat the same offence after 1 will get the same punishment from 1 plus 10 whippings and RM 30k fine.

1.2 Drivers who repeat the same offence again (either true idiot or stubborn arses) will be sentence to death (no hope for them anymore).

2. Summons should be settled before the deadline. Drivers who failed to do so after the expiry date will get 10 times the amount each day(e.g for two days it will be 300x10x10 = RM 30,000).

3. For hit and run case, if the party at fault fails to turn up and file a police report after the specified date, he/she will be considered "guilty" for hit and run. The victim can claim from the other party's insurance immediately. The party at fault will get RM30,000 fine, 10 whippings and lose the insurance. (current system is really flawed, causing a lot of hassle and long waiting time for the victims who are already quite sad and pissed off).

Feel free to contribute more ideas, the ones stated above won't be enforced anyway (I'd be damn surprise if the do).

Let's make the highway a better place for driving start from today!!

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