Saturday, 1 October 2011

When your own race doesn't give a F*** about you...

This morning I went out to run some errands in Taipan Subang Jaya. As usual, the area there was packed with cars filled with families going there for a weekend meal. I was at a junction where I saw a female driver who looks like a foreigner, blocking the road (between the HSBC building and Maybank)I need to turn into Initially I wanted to honk a bit to let her know that she is blocking the road, but before I hit the center of my steering wheel, I saw that she was stucked because of the driver in front. The chinese female driver was reversing her car out of the parking spot and was blocking the foreign driver's way.

After a few minutes maneuvering the car, the chinese female driver managed to create some space for the foreign driver to proceed her journey. But this time she came blocking the road leading the small road (in fact her car was blocking people from both directions). The queue started building up behind me and the drivers behind me were starting to get irritated. Everyone started honking (same goes for me) as she was taking way too long . Because my car was the first in the line, she gave me a nasty look (a big "BITCH" can be seen written on her face) and started cursing at me in the car. The staring and cursing wasted another few seconds which to Malaysian drivers, is a heck of a long time. This time, she tried to reverse further to get into the small road where she could instead, proceed in front and make a turning there which would instantly release the deadlock and return the traffic back to normal.

In case you can't visualise the bi*ch expression at that time

As she was taking her own sweet time reversing her vechicle, (wonder how she managed to get her driving licence, she can't even do a proper and simple reverse), I gave her another honk, asking her to speed up a bit. She gave me another nasty look, the same as the first one. I actually thought of honking her continously so that she will keep on giving me the nasty looks since she is so responsive to my honks. But I care for other road users (golden halo on my head) and decided not to do so. After a few more minutes, she managed to get her car into the small road and traffic resumed as normal.

If you think this is over, then you are completely wrong as she caused another deadlock at another junction in front .

Later in the evening, I went out to collect my car from the service center. On the way back, I did a very idiotic thing when trying to adjust my car seat. I actually pulled the trigger that opens my car boot. I can't do anything at that time as I was in the middle of the road and the traffic light was sturing green soon. From my back mirror, I could see a Malay driver and his famiy in the car behind me was looking at my car boot with their eyes wide open. They started chatting to each other while pointing at my car boot.

"Laugh all you want...I don't care. I am a stupid driver." I said to myself, trying to find some comfort. When I looked into the mirror for a second time, I saw the driver swayed away and stopped beside me. The Malay family looked at me and started pointing and gesturing that my car boot was opened. It was quite funny looking at them as they seemed to be more frantic than I. I replied back to them that I knew and thanked them for that.

It was really heart warming to see the real 1 Malaysia spirit in action (different races caring for one another) , rather than the souless, unappealing and sickening 1 Malaysia advertisements that appear in almost everywhere.

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