Monday, 25 October 2010

People first government???

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POOR children in some schools are being served unbalanced meals while others are eating meals prepared 18 hours in advance, said the Auditor-General’s 2009 Report.

The Education Department issued a notice of periodic monitoring to two schools for serving sardine sandwiches with no sardines and chicken porridge with no chicken.

Two schools in Perak cancelled their contracts with caterers because they continued to flout meal regulations.

Dieticians from the Health Ministry said the meals served under the supplementary food programme (RMT) meant for children from poor families could lead to malnutrition.

The Education Ministry has prepared a guide which lists 20 menu choices to be served under the RMT.

The guide also says the meals must include meat and vegetables to ensure a balanced diet for the children.

The meals, which consist of one main dish, a drink and a fruit must be prepared and served five times a week by a school-appointed caterer.

SK Jernang in Batang Padang, Perak, was found to have been serving beef curry that was cooked and stored 18 hours before it was served to students. The caterer gave the excuse that the school was too far and there was not enough time to cook the food on the same day.

An audit at the school also found that it was only serving four meals instead of five.

The school was also found to be serving fried beehoon without any meat or vegetables. The serving of fruit was also less than specified (a slice of apple instead of half an apple).

The A-G’s report also said that some schools were found to be preparing their RMT meals in unsanitary conditions because the schools did not have proper preparation areas.

The A-G’s report investigated 47 schools in four states between June and October last year. A total of 689,950 students in 138 districts received the aid, and RM249.26mil of the allocated RM254.92mil was spent.

Author's comment: Oi..Government and MACC sleeping ar?? oh wait...they don't care about the people...

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