Monday, 4 October 2010

Singapore Day 3.....

The heat came back to haunt me on day three. It was just like day one, if not hotter. Today I spammed the use of the MRT service and took a ride to almost every station. How I wish Malaysia has the same effective and reliable public transport system like Singapore. Apart from coming ON TIME (read this KTMB Management..), the station also plays some interesting music to inform you that the train is arriving at the station...(btw... the song sucks...) And most importantly, it wasn't as crowded as the tin can trains in Malaysia....

My first stop was Chinatown. Being a Chinese descendent, I would be damned and considered a bastard if I don’t visit the place. (Chinese old folks: No such thing here, this guy is just giving random bullshit).

Mooncake festival decoration

oldest Indian temple in Singapore

Buddha Tooth Temple (Direct Translation)

I don't see any tooth there...

There was so much to see in Chinatown, the historical buildings, a wide range of cheap and fancy souvenirs, the well-crafted handicrafts and tonnes of pomelos..But the hot Chinese girls are no where to be found..damn... and crap, I forgot to try out the “Durian” pancakes while I was in Chinatown…dang!!!

Next, I stopped at Chinese Garden, hoping to find some interesting stuff there and I did. The garden trip was awesome, the sun was not.

Bonzai garden

The scenery in the Chinese garden was really stunning. I wanted to climb all the way up to the Pagoda to get a good view of the entire garden landscape…but due to fatigue and the scorching heat from the merciless sun, I decided not to put my life at risk….and headed to the Japanese garden instead..

After the tour of the two gardens, it felt like someone just broke my legs and toastin me on a grilling device. I could barely walk under the hot sun. However, the scene of a group of young Indian teenagers playing around in Bollywood style distracted me of my misery...for about 10 minutes, enought for me to walk to the main entrance, where a vendor was waiting for me with a great big smile..

I went to get some drinks and took a short rest on the bench there. After regained some energy back, I took the MRT back to my hotel….for a much needed rest...

To Be Continued...

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