Tuesday, 11 April 2006

The Drag Queen!!!!

Today our university held a Drag Queen competition......to be more precise, it's a beauty contest, except for the contestants are guys who will be dressing in women's clothes...These guys surely showed their courage and bravery by participating in the competition..(I salute them and present them medal of honor & bravery)..and the title "Daredevils"

The whole process was pretty funny and nasty...especially when the guys performed kissing and ***** (u know wat i mean)..to make things even worse, some "girls" have moustouche and beards, along with a big bulk of chest hair...and the bra thing is a major problem for all of them, which the bra kept dropping down from the position ..overall it's quite succeessful and funny...Not to forget the big and hairy Indian who dressed in the sari..and the horny and muscular chinese fellar who will always swing and show his butt..(when doing the swinging thing, u can see the amount of fat at the abdomen part..it's like a giant jelly bouncing).. In the end, we get a chance to vote for our favourite...(which is won by a korean guy..he got an army of fangirls backing him)...

I wonder whether they will be organizing a true beauty contest or not????(anyone finding sponsors, contact me!!!!)

ps: anyone got Nick's photo in a dress? e-mail me and i'll post it here...

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