Tuesday, 4 April 2006

UNiM Idol..

Well, my university just had a UNiM Idol audition today...all the contestants performed quit well i would say...and one thing worth noting is that the judges formed are an imitation of the real American Idol..We have "Randy", a fat black guy.."Paula"..a chinese female..(how come not white? well...)..as well as "Simon Cowell".However, the personality is way different from the real American Idol judges..We have a nice "Randy" who often give nice comments due to peer pressure..>_<..and a really mean "Paula"..hell yeah..she is not the nice and sweet Paula we know...she's a bitch i would say..(sorry bout the harsh words)..her comments are harsh and well out of the topic (not related to the voice and the song sang by contestants though)..and she's not pretty!!! Lastly we have the slim version of Simon Cowell..tried to act like him by giving harsh comments but failed..(Well Simon would be out of job if anyone can impersonate him right?)

Overall, it's quite entertaining to say at least...can't wait for the finals during the Annual Dinner at Mandarin Oriental..

Who will be the Next UNiM Idol ( well it's the first time...)..stay tune for the results after i went to the Annual Dinner....

Kain, signing out!!!!

(American Idol played in the background)

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