Sunday, 30 August 2009

New Star Wars movie out in Malaysia!!!

The Malaysian Politicians' Film Association (MPFA) is proud to present the most exciting movie ever....

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Synopsis (Spoiler): The deputy president of the MCA was expelled from party due to some grave mistake that he did a year ago. Now he is back to challenge his former leader and vows to take back what belongs to him, the leadership of MCA....

The new movie was produced by the same development team who has released the popular and successful action packed movie, MB Wars - The Clone wars earlier this year.

MB Wars - The Clone Wars was a blast...

"We wanted to create something extraordinary for the audience.."
MPFA producer

"This is something we have never seen in any other movies before..outstanding!!!"
Movie reviewer

MCA wars is out on all Malaysian TV Channels starting from August. The "MB Wars - The Clone wars" DVD is expected to hit the hypermarkets and bookstores later this year.

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BOB said...

As always chong, that is pretty cool. Laughed my head off wen I saw it. :D