Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Singapore Day 1...Part I

It was 3.45 in the morning as I pulled myself up lazily from my warm and cozy bed. Today is the day where I would start my 5-day vacation in Singapore. After my bath and breakfast, I went to do the final checking of my luggage. The taxi driver came very..I mean very early (4.45 am) to pick me up as according to him, LCCT is always packed with people, so the earlier I go there, the better. For your information, this is my first time taking Air Asia, though doubtful to book initially, the cheap price ultimately tempted me to key in my credit card number in the online booking form.

When I arrived at the LCCT terminal, it was really crowded, like people going on a pilgrimage or something. I tried to search for the counter for the flight to Singapore, but it was nowhere to be found. Not wanting to waste my time searching for a pin in the haystack, I asked one of the workers there and all I got was “Belakang sana” (behind there)… Ok? Behind where?? I walked towards “behind” and asked another guard standing there. He replied “corner there”…Though not really a full and complete answer, I somehow managed to find the counter (thanks to my level of IQ..) The 14 inch screen reads..

Singapore Bangkok
Shenzen Hanoi
Vientiane Phnom Penh

Note: I can only see the words Bangkok and Singapore...can't remember the rest...

Only those with superhuman eyes can se it at a glance. The funny thing is, all other counters are showing titles like this...#%$@%@#$%


I waited in the line (it was a long queue as all the people travelling to the places above were lining up there..) and when it was my turn….”Sorry gate close already…please proceed to the customer service counter”….

“I am sorry? “ (These words came from me…not the cibai bastard at the counter and sorry for the foul language used here). I looked at the time, it was 5.39 am and my flight is at 6.15 am. I insisted the guy to check me I (I don’t have any big luggage to check in) but he told me he can’t do anything. (Can’t or lazy?). I had no choice but to proceed to the “customer service counter” and only to get the same answer..”Gate close..can’t do anything…please take the next flight”. The best thing was my current ticket was forfeited because they have closed the bloody gate..way before departure time. A few of us suffered the same fate. The guy t the counter did not even apologize to us, even a bit. I can see the words “Fuck off already” on his face.
Having no other options (can’t go back since I he booked the hotel and everything), I went to the sales I counter and paid another RM229 for the ticket. (And I wonder why I can’t use the existing ticket for the next least try to make me happy….)

Where got? #$!@#$!#$!#$! The lady at the sales counter “advised” me to come 3 hours before departure time for international flight…mahai, what kind of bullshit is this???

Air Asia definitely has left a bad impression, on my virgin flight with the air carrier some more…how cool is that? Fuck you Air Asia…mo#$@@F84930g piece of sh*t…..And what is the point of having a customer service counter there…Just put a recording machine with some text there saying “Your ticket has been forfeited for this flight, please proceed to the ticketing counter to get a ticket for the next flight. Thank you for flying with Air Asia, the best low cost carrier in the world” (“best” my ass…best among the worst..maybe but I still don’t believe that)
After 40+ minutes in the air, I finally arrived at Changi airport. I was given a big ass map of Singapore…really huge map..(quite ironic as the country is so small… the map has another function…it can be used as a skirt by wrapping yourself up…useful tool to bring to the case you lose everything there..) I bought the tourist pass (SGD 8 per day) which would allow me to spam the usage of the MRT and Buses. Earlier on, I have booked a room at Hotel Bencoolen..I thought it would be a below average hotel….but when I opened the door to my room, it was quite ok.

I took a nice warm shower before lying on my queen sized bed, releasing all my anger on Air Asia as I type the first part of the entry. I decided to take a short rest and a shelter from the hot sun in the icy cold hotel room (set the air-cond to the lowest..16 degree celcius)….I can survive the Siberian winter, but will instantly melt at 27 degree Celsius…

To Be Continued….

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