Saturday, 25 September 2010

Singapore Day 2...

Day two started off with a heavy downpour. I was on my way to the Bras Basah (translated as “Wet Bras”) Complex to pick up a parcel for my friend. The day before was hot like hell and today it seems like there is no end for the rain.

I had to walk in the rain since I have no umbrella and it wouldn’t have helped much anyway. The strong wind will just blow away my umbrella and send the rain straight to my face. The name of the street would be damn fitting if I had a bra.....Halfway to my destination, I had to take shelter at an old, run down building because the rain had begun to shoot down like water cannons.

Feeling extremely bored (since I can't proceed further or head back to my hotel), I took out my phone and started playing the apps on it. Suddenly I saw the countdown timer and did something which atheists would consider "heresy". I looked upon the sky and said “You better stop raining in 10 minutes or else...” then set the countdown in my phone. I did this out of boredom...and did not really expect anything out of it. To my surprise, when the countdown ends, the rain had reduced to just drizzle, enough for me to continue my journey, and when I reached the National Library of Singapore, the rain came to a halt -

Bras Basah Complex

A place that sells all types of reading materials, from novels, magazines and text books to past exams papers.... (Singaporeans are well-known for being “Kiasu” (afraid to lose)….that’s why they are good at everything..) After I got the parcel, I went back to my hotel to dry myself and plan for my next destination.

By 3.00 pm, rain was getting smaller and smaller. It was time to explore another area in Singapore. Since it was getting late, I have decided to visit somewhere nearby. I looked through the map and chose to pay the Fountain of Wealth a visit, hoping it would grant me something it is known for.

It was a short ride to Suntec Mall using the MRT. Once there, I headed straight to the Fountain of Wealth as I have seen the magnificent display in various brochures and tourist maps . My heart was beating with excitement as soon I'll be amazed at one of the largest and the most beautiful fountains in the world.

“Fountain of Wealth closed from 8th to 12th September for event decoration.”

Instead of a magnificent fountain with stunning visual effect,what I saw was only a big sign with the words:@#$#$$!#!#@#!!!!! Simply wonderful!!! Wasted all my time and energy just to see the worthless signboard…..

After the disappointing trip, I went to Bugis Street, a better version of Chow Kit in KL for a tour. It is a really convenient place as you can get almost everything there, from fruits, clothes, accessories, souvenirs to something more exotic like sex toys….

To Be Continue.....

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